Rumor: Pikmin 3 releasing in May 2013

Nintendo says Pikmin 3 could still come out in North America before the end of March but during Spring for Japan. Now GameStop is listing the game for a May 2013 release, two months later than what Nintendo previously stated.

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Moonman2166d ago

Gamestop always changes dates around funky. Wait for confirmation.

Y_51502166d ago

This is the game that will make me buy a Wii U. I hope it comes out early next year!

Gamer-Z2165d ago

I was really hoping this game would launch with the Wii U

ninjabake2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Me too. Along with Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends but at least they'll be here in 3 or 4 months, A 3d Mario platformer, Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid and Smash Bros. May not be here for another 1-2 years. The Wii U has still got some quality games releasing from now til March so its not a bad start for Nintendo.

Neonridr2165d ago

This game was originally going to be launch game, then they pushed it back to ensure they had some quality titles releasing early next year.

Nintendo has stated that this is a launch window game. The window ends March 31st I believe, so you will see the game come before that time.

ronin4life2165d ago

The wiiu is near,
Happy pikmin is coming.
Sad i have to wait.

Seriously, want pikmin NAOW