Diddy Kong Racing was Better than Mario Kart 64

Tom has a provocative opinion.

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Chuk52189d ago

You're talking s***


(But seriously, mario kart is better)

NintendoLegend2189d ago

As Tom said when he pitched the concept to me: "Bring on the hate mail."

tehpees32189d ago

I actually think it works like this.

Diddy Kong Racing = better single player

Mario Kart = better multiplayer

krazykombatant2189d ago

ummm no comparison to now Diddy Kong racing is still better, it took skill. No cheap items, no rewarding the sucky players and punishing the good. It had the right balance I sincerely hope they make another.

Psychonaughty2189d ago

Diddy Kong Racing was clearly a better game and as much as I'm enjoying Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (bloody long name..) it has no hub world so it's not as good either (although again still great), Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts (another stupidly long name..) now that had an amazing hub world and excellent well everything!

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NYC_Gamer2189d ago

I thought MK64 was the better game

Dovahkiin2189d ago

Strangely I enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing more, but i think that was because it was easier to play... And being only young at the time, that makes sense. But It is probably my favourite N64 game based purely on the fact that I enjoyed it most, at the age I was.

Psychonaughty2189d ago

I was no kid when it came out and I assure you DKR was the better game.

majiebeast2189d ago

Mario kart 64>Diddy kong racing
Crash team racing>both

You all know its the truth.

OcarinaOfTom2189d ago

Crash was really good! That can be a follow up piece one day. "Crash Drinks Your Milkshake at Kart Games"

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The story is too old to be commented.