Team Snipers Joins The Halo 4 Multiplayer Playlists Next Week, SWAT Staying A Week Longer

343 has promised that they'll be rotating all of the Halo 4 multiplayer playlists every single week and next week is no exception.

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Relientk772188d ago

Keep SWAT, I always loved that game mode

TrendyGamers2188d ago

When it first debuted, there was about 50,000 people playing it!

Relientk772188d ago

Nice, hope its enough to show that people love and enjoy that mode

Dovahkiin2188d ago

It's the best game mode, once you're good at it.

TrendyGamers2188d ago

Yeah, it's weird that it isn't a main stay.

omi25p2188d ago

I want grifball goddamn it.

MasterD9192188d ago

Why not keep ALL modes? They have enough players to support any game type...seems foolish to rotate them in and out.

I wasn't a fan of SWAT, but it's nice to see a new game type. I'd prefer they leave them in forever....

TrendyGamers2188d ago

They said that they went overboard with playlists in Reach so they wanted to keep the amount low in 4.

MasterD9192188d ago

While I can agree they did, there are some modes that are getting much more of a spotlight than others....

Smaller game types don't exist, I think that is a bit of a problem unless they are planning on some DLC-timed new modes.

Summons752188d ago

Excellent!!!! Team snipers was my home in reach and I love the sniper in halo 4.