Our Wonderful, Totally Normal Co-Workers Tried The Wii U. This Is What They Think of It

Kotaku: Enough about what we here at Kotaku think of the Wii U. What do other people in our parent company who don't cover games for a living think of Nintendo's new console?

We had them play some Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U and asked for their snap judgments.

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CaptainN2161d ago

They really should have them play a bunch of games before they give impression....not 1 or 2. Many people have different taste in its hard to shoe horn 2 games down everyones throat and expect them to all want to go out and get it.

MasterCratosKong662161d ago

not sure what is "totally normal" about this group of people

Sucitta2161d ago

most people are dumb and dull like those normals we just sadly had to watch.

how they manage to get though life is beyond my comprehension..

MasterCratosKong662161d ago

Though I don't think all of the statements were accurate, one of those guys came up with a really smart implementation for the gamepad in mariokart within 30 min of playing with the thing. This obviously doesn't represent a demographic that would be considered "totally normal".

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

controller is huge... and way way thinker than an ipad. I didn't think it was that big.

Ilovetheps42161d ago

It's not trying to be an iPad. It's trying to be a gaming controller.

BattleAxe2161d ago

I think its trying to be a Playstation Certified Tablet, but fails miserably.

iamnsuperman2161d ago

But it is though. Nintendo are jumping on the popularity of the tablet. The only reason it isn't more tabletish is cost

Gamer-Z2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Great here come the iPad comparison's but I guess it was inevitable.

Deku-Johnny2161d ago

Well if it's thinker than an iPad I better go cancel my preorder.

kneon2161d ago

It's is much bigger than most people think. And when I tried it I found it uncomfortable to use.

linkratos2161d ago

It's actually lighter than in iPad, and more ergonomic for gaming.

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Adolph Fitler2161d ago

I hope this machine sinks Nintendo's console manufacturing side of the business. It really is a joke that people buy there outdated tech in such high numbers. The sad part is that this machine will probably sell another 100million consoles, due to the seemingly low price. People that don't know the difference between a polygon & a pixel just see that it's a new release machine, is priced well under the other proper next gen machines & buy for there kids or themselves pretty blindly, then there kids that begged them for this machine, go to a friends place & see a Sony or Nintendo machine running FAR more advanced games, visually (as it is everyone who's not vision impaired 1st interpretation of these kind of entertainment mediums), & now the kids are begging for a true current gen machine.

So, if Nintendo were actually selling next gen specced machines with Wii & Wii-U machines for the prices they are, then they would be unbelievably good value for money & very low priced.....but we all know, you get what you pay for, & Wii is a PS2 with that gimmicky controller, & was way over priced at launch, & Wii-U is going to be the same.

Deku-Johnny2161d ago

You forgot to put 'Bazinga!' at the end.

Nodoze2161d ago

You seem to have entirely missed the point of Nintendo. Yes the hardware is outdated (hint this is how they maximize profit)...BUT it is the ONLY way to play fantastic Nintendo software. Nintendo is ALWAYS about the software.

If you don't get that, you have missed the point of gaming entirely.

It isn't about poly count, or fill rate, or tesselation is about the software and about having fun (both of which Nintendo delivers in SPADES).

Go play some shovelware on your iPad.

kneon2161d ago

You're right Nintendo is all about the software, and that is why they would probably do better as purely a game developer.

Hardware has much higher R&D, production, support and logistics costs and carries a higher risk with a lower ROI. They would likely make more profit just selling games across multiple platforms.

yabhero2161d ago

While I agree... even in terms of hardware... WiiU isn't horribly outdated... it's got a multicore IBM CPU 2 GB of RAM and a 6000 series GPU with GPGPU

lilbroRx2161d ago

Actually, the hardware isn't outdate this time. The rumored GPU is a 2011 GPU and the CPU is custom built using ideas from the Power7(Cell and Xenon are both Power5 era).

It also features 4 times as much RAM as any console to date and a disc drive that is 5 times faster. It also features a full functioning OS and social network.

This console is far from outdated

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jmc88882161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

What's a proper next-gen system? None of the three consoles will be proper next-gen systems.

What we'll have is three good, similar powered 'this gen done right' systems. It is rumored to have the guts of an ATI 7670, which pulls about 5000 3dmarks in a PC setup. In a console setup? Could be quite a bit better.

The PS4 and 720 won't be much more powerful, you can take that to the bank. Ram isn't power, it's memory. I'm sure it'll have more ram, but not the power to utilize it.

Haven't bought a Nintendo system since N64, but I'm picking this one up. The controller isn't gimmicky. Unlike the kinect (and I have one) the gamepad will work.

Unless the PS4 and 720 have 2-dual GTX 990 GPU's under the hood, and DX12, it won't be that much past the Wii U. Unfortunately there's a thing called reality, the GTX 990 is about three years away, the current version costs $1000 a pop...who knows what three years from now version will cost, and you'd need two of them. Oh and DX12 isn't out yet, and even 11.1 isn't used yet.

The funny thing is people actually think the 720 and PS4 are going to kill the Wii U. Are they huffing paint? Must be.

Simple fact is the Wii U catches most of the difference between the 360 and the highest tech available on the PC. Anything past what the Wii U does won't deliver much of a difference. There will be one, but consider it like a notch higher in PC settings. So....again. NOT MUCH.

I'll get them, because I want to be able to play the exclusives. When I want powerful gear, I'll have my PC. Because a good 2010 PC will still be better than a PS4 or 720.

All three consoles will still be good, but in terms of graphics, none of them will be revolutionary. Besides how will the 720 be SO MUCH BETTER yet sell for as cheap or cheaper than the 360, include a Kinect 2...that also utilizes a hand manipulator, and is built so it doesn't have RROD, HD crashes, disc scratch errors, etc, and doesn't lose Microsoft much money? Hint: It can't.

Besides without competition between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, how slow do you think progress would take? Obviously slower. You sure wouldn't have Kinect, Move, or the upcoming Kinect 2. That only came to be because of Nintendo pushing them to add something because they were cleaning up.

stuntman_mike2161d ago

yay people who bought the Wii previously (granny's, yuppies, and hipsters) arnt going to buy the WiiU. we can finally game in peace lol.

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