GTA V Trailer Breakdown and Commentary - PSLS

Today’s Daily Reaction is a little different. Gone is the giant wall of text full of well thought out commentary on the nuances of game culture, and in its stead is a video about Grand Theft Auto V leaves. That’s right, we’re doing the whole trailer analysis thing, but with a DR and Bad Gamers twist. - PSLS

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alexcosborn2254d ago

I'm pretty psyched for this game now. Wasn't before, but this trailer sold me.

Sev2254d ago

I have to agree. GTAIV kinda killed it for me. I HATED Niko. But this trailer with the three characters really makes the story look strong.

dbjj120882254d ago

So funny how many people are saying that. I really liked the first trailer too though.

dbjj120882254d ago

There are so many little details in this trailer. Can't wait!!

seanpitt232254d ago

I will be psyched when I see some actual gameplay

knifefight2254d ago

It IS kind of funny how often the game industry gets away with not showing gameplay, isn't it?

claud32252d ago

well all rockstar game trailers are in game footage, so they have never changed that