Rayman Legends Wii U eShop Demo Dated, Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

With the Wii U launch just days away, Ubisoft has released a few details about their game line up, including a date for the Rayman Legends demo.

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Neonridr2215d ago

Awesome, i played this game on one of the demo Wii U kiosks. Loved the game, and i will be definitely getting the demo to tide me over until the full game comes out.

TrendyGamers2215d ago

Same here, the demo was a lot of fun.

Neonridr2215d ago

I hope developers that release demos for Live and PSN will put them out on the Wii U as well. That was one disappointing thing about the Wii. You never got to try the game before hand to know if it was worth it. Now, hopefully, Nintendo owners can finally get that experience too.

Relientk772215d ago

I wanna try the Rayman Legends demo