Nintendo: "Gamers have been hungry for new and better ways to play"

GamesIndustry International recently got on the phone with Nintendo of America's Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of sales and marketing, to talk about how Nintendo aims to capitalize on the holiday shopping season with Wii U and 3DS and whether Wii U will be able to generate the same buzz that the original Wii did.

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Jinkies2163d ago

Not really...were pretty fine with our standard controls. Don't fix what isn't broken...right.

I think you'll find most of us core gamers will be playing our Wii U games with the Gamepad Pro.

WiiUalpha2163d ago

I love how you just assume that you speak for all core gamers... You stealth trolls are a funny lot. You attack anyone remotely positive about Nintendo as a troll yet do everything you can to try to play down anything from Nintendo.

I think you are confused on what a troll is.

Jinkies2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Lol you can talk about trolling mate

I havent attacked anyone...don't lie to try and make your self sound good. Honestly that is what a troll does. Does this count as attacking

Your username says it all really

<Hums Cry Me a River>

Skate-AK2163d ago

Well to be fair he did say "most core gamers." Not all like you assumed he meant.

PopRocks3592163d ago


Bullshit. I consistently see people complaining about how gaming is stagnating and how leading franchises are the same thing over and over. Why do you think people are so interested in independent game development? Newer and more passionate ideas.

Heaven forbid someone gives Nintendo even a little credit for attempting to step outside the proverbial box.

Jinkies2163d ago

Yeah stagnating as in the gameplay in games not the way we play them like motion controls.

Kinect, Move, the Wii...most of us don't care anymore. We go on them, play around with the new tec and then go back to what were used to.

PopRocks3592163d ago

Speak for yourself man. I'm open to new ideas as long as they're done well. Why do you think the Vita and 3DS are outfitted with touch, motion AND classic controls? Couldn't have nearly any of that ten years ago.

BitbyDeath2163d ago

I don't mind Nintendo going off and trying new things but the Pro controller should be standard and the tablet should be the addon IMO

Why mess with what works? Hopefully this'll change as time goes on.

SuperShyGuy2163d ago

"Why mess with what works?"

Ask to to people who scream rehash at Nintendo and CoD

Instigator2163d ago

I agree that standard controllers are fine as they are, but why stick with only pizza when you can have tacos too?

I don't expect the Gamepad to surpass standard controls. I do however expect it to be just as good an option for gamers, and possibly work better for some games while not really adding much to others.

Instigator2163d ago

Then you're not adding enough cheese.;]

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jmc88882163d ago

Gamers will game with whatever they like more. It's easy to see people who are used to pro controllers using them (or thinking this way at least) early on.

But I have a feeling a lot of core gamers like myself will enjoy the gamepad and use it quite a bit over the pro controller. I pre-ordered a pro controller too, but I'm going to give the gamepad a good deal of time to sink into.

I definitely like how it's being used, and it does look pretty comfortable. Though even pro controllers could be designed better, they are very adequate in comfort. I also think it might depend on how your playing. Sitting in a recliner like I will be, the gamepad will be on my lap the whole time, so it should be plenty comfortable. I could see if someone was sitting on a chair as opposed to a couch or a recliner that it might be a little less comfortable.

Either way it's good to have the gamepad, and dropping zombies in on a friend will be a blast, as well as using it for the Aliens motion tracker.

Also can't wait to try the various demos that will utilize it, like the Rayman demo. Probably won't buy the game as I'm not a big platform fan and will have my fill with Mario, but will give the Rayman demo a shot. Hopefully they'll have a scribblenauts one too, as I just can't buy that without trying it first.