Five More Iconic Gaming Quotes

There are more than enough awesome gaming quotes out there to fill one list, so the D Pad D Bags made a second. Did your favorite omission from our first list make the cut? If you like green stocking caps, smart suits, or assassination…probably.

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showtimefolks2163d ago

for me its simple

war, war never changes

the gta-4 launch trailer had some best lines perhaps here things will be different.

MastaPiff2163d ago

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this" -Old Man-

I remember being 8 yrs. old when I first seen that line. As soon as I grabbed that sword & heard the (GetItem) sound, I knew it was on like Donkey Kong!!!

I wondered if this quote would be there before I linked to the article & it was, well done. That was the only worthy one IMO but only 5 quotes won't please many...

nutcrackr2163d ago

gman and deckard cain :D