Story Mode, Rival Cutscenes, + over 1000 Unlockables

Taking another early look at PSAll-Stars before release, we take a quick look at how Story mode works out including character intros and rival scenes. In this case, it's from the perspective of Ratcher & Clank.

Next, by viewing the customization options, there is a lot more things to unlock and choose from than we originally thought!

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Jinkies2216d ago

They should of had characters as unlockables, it feels like you've accomplished more when you unlock a new character. It takes the fun away from the character lineup when all of them are unlocked in the beginging.

Rodney252215d ago

No fighting game has unlockable characters anymore, it waste peoples time and it's stupid.

Ddouble2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )


I remember taking Vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3 to a friend's house and couldn't show off Sentinel or Akuma because they were locked characters.

Back in the days of memory cards it was fine because you could take your save file with you but nowadays it's better as it is IMO.

CaptainSheep2216d ago

I'll be playing this game for a looooooong time! Can't wait!

miyamoto2215d ago

See? I was very very right about the Story Mode.
It was a no brainer & its necessary important.

Ddouble2215d ago

This is just like Dissidia Final Fantasy in terms of content. I put in 700 hours in that game and only had 1 ad-hoc battle ever.

I'm glad this is cross buy so I can take it anywhere because I'll be this for a long time.