First Dragon Age 3 screenshot revealed at Bradford Animation Festival

BioWare art and animation director Neil Thompson revealed the first screenshot for Dragon Age 3 during a talk at the Bradford Animation Festival.

Highlighting how video game art has progressed throughout the years, Thompson first showed an image of Space Invaders, then Mass Effect 3 and finally the image of Dragon Age 3, saying “how we got from here as an interactive screen to this, and to this, and ultimately to this”

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ab5olut10n2167d ago

I hope it's as good as Dragon Age II, I loved that ga-HAAAHAAAAHAAAA!

C'mon son.

RivetCityGhoul2167d ago

c'mon son F*** outta here that bulls**t

gotta love ed lover, dude is funny as hell.

grahf2167d ago


I have never struggled so much to finish a game, I am not looking forward to the 3rd one. Things would have to drastically change, from story to mechanics, if they want my support.

SnakeCQC2167d ago

i hope it continues from da origin and continues your choices etc

Flavor2167d ago

Maybe the character wakes up and says Dragon Age 2 was all a bad dream.

mobijoker2167d ago

I like this idea....

Only then DA2 will make sense...

Getowned2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Dragon Age Origins I've beaten at least 10 times or more and got the plat trophy.

Dragon age 2 I've beaten once and a half. 1.5 lol

NYC_Gamer2167d ago

I'm worried about how EA might step in the way and ruin Dragon Age 3

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