Assassin’s Creed III nearly featured Philadelphia, but it’s boring

Maxime Durand, ACIII’s Team Historian, revealed that Philadelphia wasn’t included in the game because the city would be pretty boring to explore.

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kingdavid2166d ago

Cuz Boston isnt boring..

Baka-akaB2166d ago

Well they are obviously telling you it would be even worse .

stage882166d ago

Because they're saving Philly for the next AC.

Energy-HL2166d ago

Ubisoft said themselves that the cities in AC3 would be up scaled, as in real life at this time period the cities were much smaller. So don't see why Boston could't be added.

ninjabake2166d ago

Philly is too boring and Boston isn't. OK man lol

Capt-FuzzyPants2165d ago

It could be because the things like The Tea Party and the Boston Massacre happened in Boston (obviously). I'm from the Philadelphia area and would have loved to see it take place there, but Boston played a huge part before the war started. It's where tensions were highest.