IGN Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

"After the disappointing LittleBigPlanet Karting and the rather lightweight F1 Race Stars, it’s hardly been a banner year for kart racers. Yet the ever-reliable Sumo Digital may just have changed all that. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed might have an unwieldy title, but it’s a beautiful, inventive racer that dares to be a little different. For once, the Mario Kart comparisons aren't warranted."

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Rikitatsu2190d ago

6 points deduced for the lack of Mario name on the cover, I presume, good review though.

This video is all I need to know this is a fantastic game

iMaim2190d ago

Great score!
Too bad Black Ops II will kill this game.

felidae2190d ago

wow, what a stupid comment.

i don't think that black cocks 2 and sega all-stars racing have anything to do with each other.

btw, can't wait for the review of the Wii U version.

sry 4 my english!

iMaim2190d ago

should've said sales wise -_- ...

chukamachine2190d ago

No way man, Sonic has much better zombies.

Yes I know you mean sales, but I think this game will do well for xmas, and onwards.

eferreira2190d ago

nice, how I have two mascot racers to play this holiday season. Man I love variety.

GuruStarr782190d ago

Getting the wii u version, cannot wait!

nugnugs2190d ago

Convinced my g'friend to get this for our kid for xmas, but I'm gonna play the s**t out of it.

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