Conan Takes a Look at Hitman Absolution

In the video, Conan compares a character to "Louie C.K", wonders why Agent 47 doesn't recycle when disposing of bodies (how hard is it? the bin is right there!), compares the villains to the cast of Grease, and takes pride in being a tidy assassin.

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knowyourstuff2215d ago

lol I saw this on TV watching Conan... as he walks around a guy's feet he has no clue he's there lol utterly stupid AI

S-T-F-U2215d ago

3:35 made me cringe. 47 was practically licking his nut sack and he didn't even notice.

Puty2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The only reviewer I trust. Pretty good score if you ask me.

optimus2215d ago

Conan should review more games... Although he only played a couple of levels it seems to me that the focus of this game relies heavily on stealth and that becomes tedious and slow in an open world game... But we'll see... I'll wait for the discount price eventually.

reznik_zerosum2215d ago

what i can tell from this review :

story and characters are beyond stupid,AI is dumb like always,game is dumbed down to the point of killfest,still,it looks fun.

GTRrocker6662214d ago

Hes probably playing on easy

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