Maybe It's Fair And Logical To Say CoD Deserves To Sell

Love them or hate them, these games are immensely popular. Is it accurate to say such titles don't "deserve" the sales records they have?

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Elderly_Cynic2162d ago

I'm not a big fan of the series myself, but I'm not so arrogant as to think that my opinion should supercede those of all the fans.

jc485732162d ago

same here. Not really a huge fan of FPS games in general.

Meep2162d ago

Same, not really in MMS games. Besides since its selling a ton of copies so it has to be doing somethings right.

wishingW3L2162d ago

regardless of what anybody say it will continue to sell anyway.

shivvy242162d ago

well just like halo it did change the way we play shooters when 4 came out so yes it deserves it , i just hate how its been a milked franchise since

GearSkiN2161d ago

Halo been a milked franchise ....really now..

OneAboveAll2162d ago

Am I the only one that though COD 3 was actually good? I want another one of those. lol