Original Gamer Review - Natural Selection 2 "Natural Selection 2 is a title that was ten years in the making by developer Unknown Worlds. Ever since the first release back in 2002, the concept of a PvP style game that wasn't just space marines blowing each other apart has intrigued people. Undoubtedly drawing inspiration from both Starcraft and Alien vs. Predator, Natural Selection 2 is quite possibly one of the most unique shooters to date (that's not really saying much with shooters though)."

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ATi_Elite2163d ago

Natural Selection 2 is shaping up to be one of the BEST GAMES in the great new genre of FPS/RTS games!

Really feels like Doom 3 but with quicker shooting mechanics and a lot of strategy tossed in along with Commander Controls plus you can be the aliens.

The ALiens are very cool, fast and can run upside down on walls and stuff!

Setting up forward command, turrets, weapon depots, etc really adds a great dimension to the FPS genre! Lot more "Brain Work" added to the Pew pew and that makes PC Gamers Happy!