Sony's Last Pre-Launch Presser

We've heard the rumblings for quite awhile now, but it wasn't official until today. Sony is holding one last press gathering before the launch of the Playstation 3.

The Gamer's Day event, an invitation to "preview the beginning of the next generation", will take place on Thursday, Oct. 19 in San Francisco and feature a round-table discussion, executive presentations and a half-day of hands-on gaming time.

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super bill5910d ago

should of held it in europe.

Antan5910d ago

Eseeing as us brits are not getting it till March, this would of been a waste of time, though i would hope they hold a similar event in Febuary, in europe.

Daewoodrow5909d ago

wait, they're still saying they represent the start of next gen? Without the 1080p card, how can they still back up these claims?

THE TRUTH5909d ago

Nice move Sony I think this is where EVERYTHING will be put out in regards to the PS3! If it's open to the public I will go there! (I live in Las Vegas) BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

PS360WII5909d ago

even sony knows TGS wasn't enough to sell the ps3, so they need to have 'one more' show to tell people this console rocks

zypher5909d ago

however, after a disastrous E3 and an unrevealing TGS, they better have SOMETHING worthwhile to announce. maybe a real-time, gameplay-footage demo of Killzone 2 with graphics that equal E305, the coup of key franchises as exclusives (Res Evil, Mercenaries, Ninja Gaiden...something), plus online-service demonstrations...anything. cause the way things are going, Microsoft is in this for a bloody brawl. they've managed to lock up just about every new and worthwhile IP.

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