College killer crazy for violent video game - Counterstike

An article by Michael Swiontek of the New York Post states that the man who gunned down five people and wounded 16 in an Illinois lecture hall was a 'loner' who opted to study rather than party and was obsessed with the 'ultra violent' video game Counterstrike. One of his dorm mates stated he played a lot ot of video games especially Counter Strike really loud. The article says that the killer shunned medication for an undisclosed illness and purchased weapons like those used in Counter Strike such as a Glock handgun and Pump action Remington shotgun.

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Skerj5041d ago

Yup, it's the fault of video games and not the fault of his mental illness and lack of medication.

ScentlessApprentice75041d ago

Jack Thompson made the right assumption on this killer; this loser was a Counter Strike Junkie. But then again what kind of man who stays home all the time and study not at least unwind a little and participate in some recreational activities like videogames.

You know what they say: All work and no play makes jack a psychotic murderer...oh no wait, is that how it goes?

LinuxGuru5041d ago

I love Counter-Strike!

How dare a mentally unstable person put shame upon such a great tactical shooter!

How DARE he!!!!

Delt45041d ago what?!?! i bet he even ate at mcdonalds every once in a while too. I am sure we could come up with a way that would cause him to go nutts. Stop looking for a scapegoat. How about violent movies, tv shows toys. I mean seriously why cant people just be crazy these days. The guy went nutts, something was wrong with him and for some reason no one caught it in time. Case closed! No it wasnt the video games, millions play counter strike but not a million plus people go shooting at schools. Get real

thisguywithhair5041d ago

If you look at the movies that the Japanese watch and then look at their crime rate you will see that having more violence in movies (and by association, video games) is a good thing.

Delt45041d ago

i was just trying to say you can blame almost anything and we all know they will. But lately it has all been video games. And your right about Japan. Its just like the fact that D.C. has the lowest gun count per capita and the hardest gun regulations and they have the worst gun related crimes.

thisguywithhair5041d ago

So the guy legally buys firearms from the corner store (not literally of course) but that is not the problem. He stops taking medication for an "undisclosed illness", but that can't possibly be the problem.

But the fact that he was a loner who played video games means that he was a time bomb just waiting to go off.

Delt45041d ago

well obviously people who play video games are scary sinister people, who when not playing video games go and buy guns (which by the way if he has a mental issue how did he get a gun?) and shoot people.

thisguywithhair5041d ago

They don't take mental state into account when buying a gun (unless obviously drunk or high). Only you criminal history and if you belong to any group that is red flagged by the government. A very flawed system as there are too many ways to get around the background checks that are usually only passively done.

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The story is too old to be commented.