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Splitkick: Previous titles in the series are far from perfect but Halo 4, for all its technical polish, is my least favorite campaign in the series. The elimination of campaign scoring limits the appeal of ‘story be damned’ replays with friends. If Prometheans are a pill fans have to swallow, 343 has to find a more interesting way to use them or I’m checking out of future entries.

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Tctczach2163d ago

Look! Another no name website looking for attention.

killerhog2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Yes, yes, we get it, everyone who doesn't rate cod or halo a perfect 10 is trolling for attention. Now go play your "perfect games" instead of being a hypocrite and looking for attention yourself.

Nothing from the previews and trailers, yelled amazing. I was mundane when I saw them, and felt it was generic, which is what most reviewers who gave it below expectation scores said as well. It's an average/generic shooter.

MrChow6662163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

whos the hypocrite? for bitter trolls like you the only right scores for halo or cod are those below 6, none can give them more than 9 because that has to be paid by the publisher, what if the game actually deserves a good score?
whatever you are just another TROLL

btw, I'd give the campaign a 8, the story is ok not great imo but on the other hand the graphics and gameplay are amazing

killerhog2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

@Mr (but obviously a little kid) chow666

Yup I'm a troll for having my own opinion and not following others. Adorable how you speak for me too. When did I say it deserves a low score? When did I say high scores must've been bought by publishers? All I did was defend someone's OPINION. And stated how for me, it didn't look/feel all that great as well.

What justifies it as deserving a great score? Because you said so? Because you like it? Can someone have an opinion that does not connect with yours, without being called a "troll"? Buddy the world does not revolve around you, so get over it.

So again the only one who looks like a "bitter troll" is you, because you can't cope with someone sharing a different view of halo other than yours. Because they must be "trolls" and looking for "attention".

PtRoLLFacE2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

at this point I don't really care about halo 4 reviews, my 13 hours and 47 minutes it took me to finish the legendary playthrough, I really enjoy it, the campaign is 9/10 for me

SCW19822163d ago

Thanks for being level headed about your opinion. Unlike some Butt hurt 12 yr olds on this site. You my friend are a breath of fresh air.

halfbent2162d ago

An opinion contrary to yours means that the giver is a "butt hurt 12 yr old"?

The game was absolutely beautiful, the best I've seen on a console yet. The story however, was a huge disappointment, and that is the central focus of a campaign if you ask me. The lack of a constant "go here" marker was refreshing tho. I like to not have my hand held the entire way through, just a gentle nudge. In my feeling, you could have summed this entire campaign up into a handful of written paragraphs and conveyed the same amount of feeling. Honestly, the most fulfilling, emotional part of the campaign: 343's thank you and quote in the credits.

Munky2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Yup, took me 12 hours to be Heroic. Running through Legendary now, this game is amazing!

Irishguy952163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Really? Took me and 2 friends(was probably the reason, we didn't really lose much as I was the long range/spawn point) 7 hours on Legendary, it's quite short. What did you do in those 12 hours?

Munky2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Not that I don't believe you or anything, but whats you gamertag on live? Very easy way to prove that you beat the game in that time.

halfbent2162d ago

halfb3nt is mine, took my brother and I 7.5hrs to 100% Legendary. All 7 terminals, started on Legendary immediately.

Munky2162d ago

Ok, fair enough. So it looks like 7 hours is not a hard time to beat the game in with two people. Beat the game alone on legendary and let me know how long it takes you.

halfbent2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

That's one achievement I'll never do. I wanted to stab myself after trying it with Reach. The challenge is there sure, but it's mostly just cheesing areas to get through and past areas imo.

We didn't speed run or anything, did a fair amount of looking around as usual. It's just your average length game at this point. Wasn't expecting too much more.

CoLD FiRE2162d ago

And I thought it took me too long to beat it on legendary in 9 hours...alone! Time for another playthrough with some skulls on. :D

I loved the campaign in Halo 4 more than Reach and it also feels more replayable except for not having a scoring system which adds to the experience when playing cooperatively.

Munky2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )


Give it a try. To be honest it's not that bad, difficult at times but not to the point of frustration. That's where I found Halo 4 different very similar to Halo: CE, the game is difficult but enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. The bottom line is that Halo 4 is just a fun game, the campaign, the MP, the crazy amount of content, as a gamer you can't ask for anything more in a game.

P.S. High five for being able to have a decnt convo, very rare on N4G. (Bub+)

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Dlacy13g2163d ago

Not that this review matters but I do find it funny when sites like this do a review of just a portion of the game offering. In this case... we will over ignore half of what the developer gave to the gamer and just review this small piece. later on I am sure they will have a Halo 4 Multiplayer review as well. Its just one more way people are trying to milk people for site hits.

As for this review... looks like the authors main beef really is the Promethian enemy. His quote " Moreover, in a series with an insanely high skill ceiling that rewards headshot efficiency, I can’t stand that the Promethean Knights (think Elite equivalent) have no headshot hitbox" So basically as the author noted the Promethians don't offer you up an easy kill solution... contrary to this authors comments, I think the promethean adds a level of difficulty that is totally welcome. When you see a Promethian appear, you know you are in for an even tougher fight. Your skill level absolutely gets tested as you can't just sit back and try and snipe from long range for one shot headshots. That said, you can use a sniper rifle with some success against them but it requires more than one in..skill to land a few dead on shots and don't miss as ammo can be scarce depending on the level. There is no worse feeling than running out of ammo and still having that Promethian on the field.

Overall...I think this reviewers nitpicks fall short and a bit baseless. No way is it a 6/10, but then again...this review matters little so I guess I will just tell him "you are welcome for the 1 site hit you got from me"

EditorAtGNG2163d ago

The focus on one portion of the game isn't really the problem - in fact, many people (myself included) played Halo for the sole reason of single player. You know, not so long time ago, people didn't care about mutlyplayer and went for the single player (campaign) experience only. COD's of today changed that by focusing mostly on the MP, and rushing the single player so they would justify having it on the disc. This in itself, should merit the distinction of campaign review, though as you pointed out, many will take issue since it doesn't fill the whole picture.

kragg2162d ago

Actually, we are going to release a multiplayer review soon, but it was only split from the campaign coverage because our reviewer actually enjoys the series and wanted to devote adequate time to the entire product.

Thanks though for taking the time to read the review and weigh in on it with your opinion!

pennywhyz2163d ago

This whole fukin industry sux along with this n4g fuktard web site stirring pots.I play what i want and thats how it goes.

MasterD9192163d ago

I haven't finished the campaign yet, but damn is it a hell of a lot better than a 6/10...

The beginning prologue and start sequence alone is awesome. I look forward to beating the campaign on Legendary when I get the chance.