Metacritic Refuses To Pull Negative Review That GameSpot Admits Was Factually Inaccurate

If you head on over to the Metacritic page for Natural Selection 2, you might notice something strange. Of the seven reviews listed, only one is scored below an 80.

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Snookies122190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Man Metacritic is such a joke... That's really sucky of that dude to give a false review like that. Oh well, at least it didn't hurt sales, seems it did really well regardless. :]

Akuma-2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

''Metacritic Refuses To Pull Negative Reviews That Are Mostly Factually Inaccurate''

moegooner882190d ago

One thing I don't quite get is how metacritic decides to add reviews to a certain game, take Resistance 3 for instance it received a perfect score from G4TV, a major site, yet the review was never included, the publications from which the reviews are added, should always remain consistent, otherwise this should be regarded as score manipulation.

aviator1892190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I just don't take metacritic seriously anymore.
They accept some really crappy, poorly written and poorly judged and biased reviews and usually refuse others like the g4tv one you mentioned.

FrostyZipper2190d ago

Metacritic is the Kotaku of review aggregates.

BringingTheThunder2190d ago

why did gamespot publish the review in the first place?

ThanatosDMC2190d ago

Because the author of the first review just sucked at the game. He barely played it. There were ridiculous amount of inaccuracies in his review. I dont understand why he's a reviewer when he doesnt seem to actually review the game. It's more like he based his reviews off a hateful forum.

SolidGear32190d ago

Why doesn't Kevin VanOrd pull his own review of Duke Nukem Forever? A 3/10. Gimme a break. Plus the review was loaded with inaccuracies! I had never been so angry over a review in my life.

Meep2190d ago

Another reason why people should just stop paying attention to metacritic. On a side note I heard great things about Natural Selection 2. Hopefully their will be a sale on the game on black friday, or cyber monday. I have been keeping an eye out for this game.

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