Sony Ericsson PSPhone - First Leaked Images

Here are the first supposedly leaked image of the Psphone from Sony Ericsson. No details have been released in terms of specs about the phone. This has not been officially confirmed by Sony Ericsson yet.

decapitator5697d ago

Day 1. I have been looking for a phone replacement for a while now and I think I have just found it.

sonarus5697d ago

looks nice but i wouldnt get it. way better design than the ngage though. i want to get the other new sony ericsson the one with windows mobile

Mu5afir5696d ago

If this does come out, it would be sweet. The design makes a lot of sense. But exactly how are you going to implement UMD disks on it is a question mark. Is there a picture of the back of the system?

mikeslemonade5696d ago

This isn't great but it's good. It looks like it's going to be set at a lower price. It won't cost as much as the iphone I guess. If it's $250 i'm getting it.

decapitator5697d ago

Yeah I just read from the article that the probability of this happening is about 30%. But you gotta admit though, that this looks really slick.

unsunghero285697d ago (Edited 5697d ago )

I'm not sure I like that design. It's just mock-ups apparently (thank you, Gamer Zone) but it looks more like a phone with PSP features added than a PSP with phone features added. The buttons seem way too small, (although I guess you can't determine size from the picture) and I have big hands so it really wouldn't work for me.

The ideal PSPhone for me would essentially be a PSP Slim with buttons/control stick thingies for games and a touchscreen for phone. With whatever other features added too. And knowing Sony, it would probably be able to play videos downloaded from the Playstation Store.

Kain815697d ago

i would say i am the first one who buys it heheheeh

MaximusPrime5697d ago

i have been buying Sony ericsson phone every year from day one.

PSP phone will be next on my list. This could be my only phone for a long time.

powerslide5697d ago

i will be the first to buy that phone if it's released. I'll be very disappointed if it ends up being huge like the X1.

INehalemEXI5696d ago

If they do release a psphone I will get 1 though I would hope I would not have to sign up for a cell phone plan. Already got 1 thats working aight and I don't want to switch plans.

CRIMS0N_W0LF5697d ago


I bought PSP Slim and Lite last November. I need a phone replacement..

the PSP was a waste of money :(

Kain815697d ago

In March God of War:Chains of Olymp and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core will arrive PSP and other awesome Games.

Nothing with waste of money