Muse Games vs Hurricane Sandy: Labour of Love

Muse Games recently showed how much they care for their game by braving Hurricane Sandy to launch it on time - and that's refreshing and awesome.

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mastershredder2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

"One of their employees, Conrad, braved the flooded, unlit city streets on a bicycle to recover the game from the darkened offices"

"a person put himself in harms way so that the game wouldn’t be released late. "

I was in an area greater impacted by the storm. Still worked on our projects until power went off and continued to work on other aspects via phone, laptop, pen and paper for the next week until power was restored and roads were open.

Braving the Financial District must have been horrifying!

Lets be a little more dramatic shall we?

In fact, this deserves a drama queen award.

However, Good on Muse Games for assisting those in need. That's honorable.