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Metal Arcade: 343 Industries makes a strong case for game of the year with their first foray into the Halo universe.

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Belking2167d ago

Great score. I still say this game will be GOTY.

Hufandpuf2167d ago

why is it a 9.9 instead of a 10?

mt2167d ago

I guess they are saying there is no perfect game.

Hufandpuf2167d ago

Then why is there a 10 point scale? Not saying that any game is perfect, but what's the point of having a scale system when a whole number doesn't get used?

MetalArcade2166d ago

I can't speak for the writer who did the review, but we have given perfect 10s before. I think he just felt that the small annoyances he mentioned didn't warrant a perfect 10, but I agree that 9.9 is an odd score.

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Intentions2167d ago

Hopefully its GOTY, it has to contend with Borderlands 2, assassins creed 3 and probably black ops 2.

Next year will probably go to GTA V :D

Shadonic2167d ago

Idk watch dogs has to battle it out with gta

Intentions2167d ago

oh yea...forgot about watch dogs, also last of us. :D and probably others.

The Matrix2167d ago

I think you misspelled, "Bioshock Infinite"

TheRealHeisenberg2167d ago

Loving every minute of the campaign so far. I'm about to fire it up again.

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