After The Credits Roll In Black Ops II, Terrible Things Happen

Kotaku - Needless to say, there are spoilers in both this video and post. If you don't want to know what the post-credit shenanigans are all about, feel free to move along.

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GamerSciz2217d ago

Considering my game keeps crashing at Mission 2 I might not care if I get spoiled...

Hazmat132217d ago

lol this guys just cant take a joke, cod is always shown as serious FPS when you play zombies and its all fun. why cant treyarh have fun with there game?

rataranian2217d ago

terrible things like it says "To be continued in Black Ops 3" ?
Cause yeah that would be terrible.
Ok cod fans go crazy and comment below.

iamnsuperman2217d ago

"Ok cod fans go crazy and comment below". Nope instead you get me. BO2 didn't impact on my life in any way nor will BO3 so nope not a terrible thing

@ Article this post credit scene is a bit odd. Not a fan of the band nor that type of music.

NoTheMama2216d ago

Cant be any worse the the Eminem (featuring Pink no less) song that plays during the credits of Blops 1!

Somebody2216d ago

Urggh.....I really hated dancing CGIs. They scared the hell out of me. I rolled my eyes whenever a dance number appear in any CGI animated movie. Feels like a cheap way for animators to show off their animating skills.

The unnatural way they move and shake their limbs like possessed dolls (yes, I'm scared of any horror movies with possessed dolls or mannequins)...they just give me the shivers.