The Game Fanatics' No Shame November: I Like Your Least Favorite Final Fantasy Game

TGF: Being one of the new guys around here, I thought I’d go ahead and get this out of the way early on, what with this being “No Shame November” and all: I love Final Fantasy VIII.

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Jinkies2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Since when has FF8 been the least liked FF game...I thought we were past this years ago. I like FF13 is peoples least favorite FF game in the main series.

Besides people just didn't get FF8, the reason why people "hated" it at first was because it wasn't a FF7 sequel despite knowing each FF game tells a differnt story. People after that just went on what these hardcore FF7 fans were saying and thats why FF8 got bad rep, if FF8 came out before FF7 it would be hailed as the best FF game ever...same goes for any FF game to be honest.

In my opinion I thought FF8 was better, all the negative points people pointed out for FF8 were exaggerated or they had clearly not played the game since there problem was explained in the game. Lets not forget despite people calling Squall an "emo" Cloud was basicaly the same, Squall had the best character development in a FF game. From a lonely, selfish jerk we meet at the beginging, to a loyal, brave leader who gains friends and opens him self up to a girl he falls in love with by the end of the game, its what I liked most about the game, each disc changed Squalls character with the events that play out. I also thought the characters were much realistic in the game for their age and what they were doing.

Shame it gets some hate, I'd understand if it was like FF13 where things were bad like characters, plot, gameplay but it was a true FF game with a good story. The only negative thing I could admit about FF8 is maybe the few plot holes, like why dosen't Doctor Odine not just destroy the machine Ultimecia will use in the future but then again most FF games have plotholes here and there.

Godmars2902215d ago

Sorry, I like FF8 too, but its "plot holes" were the kind light cannot escape.

Its that the plot and story issues in it and much of the series were given passes that Square thought they could get away with offering FF13 in the state they did. That they're still doing it with 13-2 and 13-3.

Donnieboi2215d ago

There are no plot holes. You missed the point of the story entirely. Play it again, it's about time paradoxes and if you pay more attention, you will see that everything loops/repeats itself, explaining away any supposed loop holes.

wishingW3L2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I like FF8 because of its style, music, the world in itself is pretty cool and nostalgic. I like overpowering my characters with the broken battle system and not to mention the awesome card game but the truth is that the story was its weakest point and not to mention the shallow characters with no personality or background stories like FF6's.

Irishguy952215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I liked FF8 to, it's one of my favorites, and wow, cloud was so not an Emo, replay it he wasn't a sad little ***** in the game, only once when he kicked the **** out of Aerith. He was crazy sure, but not an Emo.

I also played FF8 before FF7, and I still think FF7 is better. For many reasons too.

Main Story - FF8

Characters - FF7 by miles/squall was the only good FF8 characters, FF7 all get their own story.

Side stories - FF7 by miles, FF8 didn't really have much though

Gameplay - FF7 by miles again, some people will disagree and don't like side quests, however I will make a list of 'gameplay affecting moments' with Bolded big ones

Hit enter button at same time as companions
Find batteries
Dress up as girl
Chocobo breeding
Avoid Midgar Golem(snake)
Rescue little girl from Drowing
Jump on cable with Dolphin
March with Shinra soldiers getting movements correct
Fall from bridge correctly to collect Item
Nibelheim mansion - Codes/boss/Vincent
Find Yuffie in forest, find Yuffie in Wufie(whatever)
SUBMARINE minigame
Search your way through snow in mountains + keep warm
Digging site

Ah, I can't be bothered, anyway, this game had so much additions to gameplay to suit each moment. FF8 had about 5 of these type of things bigs onces being the Seed tests and Card game, along with GF hunting

FF8s battles system was too easy but...I guess ff7's is too, just not as easy, the Junction system was too Overpowered

Music - Tie - Reason? ----- FF8 simply has more epic music, but FF7's music gives off a better atmosphere in general, for example, FF13 had decent music, but it was not suitable for each moment, especially for example the epic boss music which simply did not have a 'boss' feeling. FF8 did give in to the atmosphere, but FF7 did that better. Every piece of music suited it's moment from, Jenova - Sephiroth - Shinra - ending world etc.

Graphics - FF8, don't care much about this though.

Battle system - FF7, Limit breaks too Op in FF8, they needed no charging/too usuable. There was also no lines, I think FF8 is the first one to take out Attack-defense lines. They were brought back in for FF9 and 10

My overall reason FF7 is my fav FF? The atmosphere

Godmars2902215d ago

- How did Squall survive not only a near if not fatal wound and 30-50 foot fall but quickly recover?

- Why with TV transmissions blocked for 20 years was a jumbo-tron not only still being serviced but powered? Or even still where it was.

- Why did Irvine take on the job of trying to kill the Sorceress when he knew who she was? Not tell the group he knew them well after?

- How did the Sorceress "force" exist at the same time in Adel, Riona and Edea?

- Where did the time travel ability even come from when it was separate from the Sorceress Force?

While FF8 explains how Edea becomes the Sorceress, it doesn't touch on how it came to exist before or continue on after the events of the game.

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Whitefox7892215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I wouldn't go along the lines of calling Cloud emo in the original FF7 since he adopted himself as the living persona of Zack Fair (you know that really cheerful guy in Crisis Core who frequently likes to do full body squats) for more then half the game. The emo representation of him was made with Advent Children and any future representations of him.

The rivalry of fans between FF7 and FF8 is more or just the same as it is for fans of P3 and P4. I believe this rivalry just proves as a testament of how much of an impact these games are that the fans analyze all the information and flaws between each game. That alone should tell you enough how good the game is.

If I had to say personally between the two which one was my personal favorite I would have to say FF7 because I obviously played that one first (granted enough it was the crappy port Eidos did for the PC [Windows 98 did not like it that much] though for some reason FF8 on the PC turned out so much better...). Like I said its more of an opinion if anything else, if I had to pick my personal "best" Final Fantasy in my opinion I would say its FF 6. Not going to explain why it just is.

Lets just hear the iconic victory theme:

majiebeast2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

There are so many worse final fantasy games then 8. 8 had doom train making it automaticaly not the worst final fantasy.

For me corridor simulator 13 was by far far far the worst final fantasy after that X-2.

Dno2215d ago

both 13 and 10-2 were great games

-Gespenst-2215d ago

I think XIII-2 is better than XIII in terms of gameplay and longevity, but I think XIII has a tighter story. Both their soundtracks are awesome.

And yeah X-2 is incredible. I think people find it hard to look past the Dressphere system and the light-heartedness of it. Not only is the dressphere system really awesome (basically a jazzed up version of the job system), but the light-heartedness is good fun, and the game isn't without it's really serious stuff. It's a worthy sequel to X and it was amazing to return to Spira.

Tiqila2215d ago

i always thought opinions only differed on the question whether ff8 or ff7 was the best ff game ever...
i for myself couldnt answer that question, loved both equally much.

Blastoise2215d ago

I like 9, 5 & 12. The three nobody care's about...

Whitefox7892215d ago

Hehehe most people haven't played or even heard of FF 5.

Tsuru2215d ago

And i feel sorry for them.

-Gespenst-2215d ago

IX's not my favourite, but I love it and lots of people I know regard it as their favourite.

You're right about V and XII though. People don't seem to care much about them. I love them though .

XII is a great game. Amazing world, gameplay and music, and V is awesome. Not the best cast of main characters, but an awesome, world, story and soundtrack.

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