5.0 Johnny Hotshot - 3DS Download Review

"I have no clue how the situation reads from a financial standpoint, but if their persistence is any indication, it appears as though UFO Interactive has had certain success with their eShop offerings. It's nice that they can be counted as one of the platform's repeat supporters, but I've noticed a recurring consequence of their recent focus. Frankly, with one or two exceptions, their games tend not to have lasting merit and play more like one-offs of debatable quality. With the arrival of Johnny Hotshot confirming their desire to develop more downloadable titles around this character, I wondered if this would be the one to change things up for the better. Mind you, being an arcade game by design, expectations should already be on the low side as far as long-term appeal. Even still, I was disappointed to find that Johnny Hotshot is an unexciting title that may not do serious wrongs but still doesn't have enough juice to be worth its asking price." --

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