Here It Is, The PS3 Remote

At CEATEC JAPAN 2006, Sony showed off the PLAYSTATION 3's remote control. It looks similar to the PS2 remote and guess what? It does pretty much the same thing! It's supposed to be used for toggling and video functions-in this case, watching Blu-ray discs.

ronin_oni6272d ago

I wonder if this bad boy will be bundled with the playstation 3 package, or if it will be sold seperatly like the last one. This controller does look to be more 'serious' in the sense that it could be compared to other dvd remotes than did the ps2 remote. Interesting...

Antan6272d ago

A remote is a remote, who the hell cares what it looks like aslong as it does its job!

PS360WII6272d ago

I was going to say something but I'll just reply to this one saying "word"

shotty6272d ago

Can anyone say Wiimote. I joke, I joke. But what if there was a nunchuck attachment.

GRUNT6272d ago

It looks like PS2 remote!!!!
I laugh It looks more like a regular TV/DVD/VCR/(cable box?) remote

GRUNT6272d ago (Edited 6272d ago )

It looks like PS2 remote!!!!
I laugh It looks more like a regular TV/DVD/VCR/(cable/sattelite box?) remote

EDIT:oops, double post but read my second


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Relientk774h ago

I played Alice: Madness Returns for the first time last year. What an amazing game and adventure. It's a huge shame we aren't getting a sequel to it. It absolutely deserves another game.

0hMyGandhi3h ago

oh yeah, I remember this game! I remember liking it, but found the platforming to be utterly obnoxious. Loved the world design.

Good review!


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Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I loved this on PS1. I also bought the HD remaster.


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