New Mass Effect 3 Omega Screenshot

A new screenshot has been revealed that shows off the Turian leader of the Talon mercenary group.

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Poodlejamas2164d ago

Bioware grows desperate by the day. Wonder why female aliens in ME are designed to be more visually appealing than their males having very humanoid looks, Would really love to see a GeOW berserker like females for a change

Aloren2164d ago

Have you seen Myrrah in Gears ? cause if you wanna compare a female alien, you might as well pick the only one who has a brain... of course considering she has the body of a porn star, Bioware wouldn't look as desperate.

Also, picking the berserker as an example is a bit ridiculous, it's a monster, not a character...I can just as easily pick Kalros , mother of all Thresher maws, or the rachni queen, and tell you she looks way less humanoid than the berserker and that's how female alien should look.

And really, look at star wars, star trek, babylon 5 , andromeda, Farscape, stargate, star ocean, any space story with different sentient races : Most races are humanoid, and their female tend to look like ours or to at least have human like features.... That's pretty common...

Poodlejamas2164d ago

Bersekers do have personalities and character, i.e Gen ram, the locust queen etc. I just used the bersekers as a reference basing on their looks and not intellect or personality. Other franchises like star wars may sexualize some of their aliens but incredibly have very non humanoid but interesting characters for example the hutts are nothing like the asari, shadows in babylon 5 are very powerful species but also very non humanoid. All am saying is Bioware should be a little more creative.

Aloren2164d ago

But they are creative. Mass Effect also has its very non humanoid species : The Reapers, the Leviathan, the Rachni, the Hanar, the Elcor...

As for gears, I may have misunderstood your point. I thought you talked about the berserkers cause they're supposed to be female and not "sexualized"... and that's right, but they're also brainless Bosses we see or mention 10 minutes in 3 games; all the personality they have is limited to "the one at the end of act1", "the one on the train", "the lambent one"...
Now that's right that Raam or the Queen do have personalities and character, but one is not female, and the other one is oversexualized.

No_Pantaloons2164d ago

Retaking Omega seems a bit pointless, I wonder why...