Enough of the zombies already

SYCO takes a look at the current trend of zombies in gaming and how this needs to steadily be diluted from the industry.

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darthv722162d ago

zombies are so hot right now. If not, throw a molotov cocktail on one and they soon will be.

kesvalk2162d ago

away with the zombies! we want dinosaurs!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

lol pc does it again.

just came out.

Captain Qwark 92162d ago

i love zombies but dinos do win.

either way more of both, this is a trend im pleased with personally.

Pillsbury12162d ago

More zombies please :) more walking dead!

talisker2162d ago

They won't go away for several reasons:
1. It appeals to many young gamers because "zombies are cool".
2. It's very easy to make NPCs. AI is not an issue with hordes.
3. You can sell a brutal zombie game to teenagers as zombies are not real people (it doesn't count they were).
4. You don't really need to think about art style when you produce graphics with corpses.
5. Zombie games sell.

ThanatosDMC2162d ago

Imagine if they made a zombie movie but along the plot of Twilight. Some stupid chick falling in love with a zombie who want to eat her brains. Actually, no... if it becomes popular and becomes a trilogy, i would really hate people.

Da_Evil_Monkey2162d ago

They are:
Although to call it a 'zombie' is stretching it.

Anyway on topic, DayZ and The Walking Dead were the type zombie games I was waiting for, and now we have them I'm pretty fed up with the standard zombie game. Until someone mixes the two: an open world realistic zombie survival game, but with realistic human characters and consequences to your decisions. I thought Dead Island would be that game, but we know how that turned out.

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The story is too old to be commented.