This is how you install the Black Ops 2 texture pack

PSX-Sense writes: "You might've read that PS3-owners of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will have the possibility to install a texture pack. If you have the game and want to know how to install the texture pack, head over to our website for an explanation."

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jar1552659d ago

Nice. A lot of people probably aren't even aware that they can do this.

bayport2659d ago

+1 for a useful article.

rajman2659d ago

Wow I did not know this, I finished the single player a few days ago and I wondered why the graphics did look quite bad at times o_0 They could have put the 'install hdd' on the main menu I think

neoMAXMLC2659d ago

This installation feature only seems to benefit the multiplayer portion of the game.

brodychet2658d ago

I read somewhere that it works for everything. mostly SP though.

The_Tr0ll172659d ago

This is why I go through the setting first. I never heard anything for a texture pack for this game but when I found it in the settings, I installed it right away.

stage882659d ago

Installed it within about 3 minutes. Lessens the load on the blu ray drive so its fine with me.

MuhammadJA2658d ago

I didn't notice any graphical improvements, just decreased load times.

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