Sony On The Cusp of A Dual Generation?

Shuhei Yoshida: “I have always thought Wii was in a generation of its own. I always thought PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are in the same generation, but Wii was not the same.” “WiiU is the next generation of Wii, which puts it in its own generation.”

Many people will remember those quotes. With the inclusion of ‘always’ in that first quote, we can safely assume that it’s an opinion he must have shared throughout Sony’s gaming division and not just lip service. The ramifications are that Sony as a whole do indeed consider that there are two generations running simultaneously; a Nintendo generation and the generation Sony share with Microsoft. The significance of this mindset has been completely overlooked by the media and yet it could offer an insight into the future of all three companies, especially in light of the imminent launch of the WiiU.

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Conzul3141d ago

This isn't news. It's tantamount to saying "Grass is Green".

Which, yes, it is, unless it's yellow.

GribbleGrunger3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I think you've misunderstood this article. I'm assuming that you think it's just talking about extending the PS3 lifecycle (which is something Sony have always done with their consoles) but it's not.

There have been two generation running parallel, not overlapping, parallel. As Sony have pointed out on many occasions. This is not the same as extending a consoles life, this is effectively a re-release of the PS3 that could coexist with Nintendos Wiiu.

So, instead of PS3 support slowly drying up once the PS4 releases and depending on the second hand market and price drops to keep it alive for 10 years, the PS3/Vita combo could actually increase its support for the duration of the Wiiu's lifecycle, effectively making it a PS3.5, with firmware updates to bring the combo closer to the Wiiu over time.

In other words, Sony would be releasing two new consoles in the next two years: The PS3.5 and the PS4. One generation conceptual (screen controller based) and the other a next generation console the PS4. This is in effect what Nintendo have actually done with the Wiiu. They've taken current gen tech and added a controller with a screen.

This wouldn't 'extend' the PS3s lifecycle, it would begin it again with the Vita as the controller. If this is indeed what Sony intend to do and it's successful, then the PS3/Vita could be with us for at least 15 years, even if the PS4 comes out next year.

Sev3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I see you edited your article and the title. I'm glad you fixed it.

LOGICWINS3141d ago

That leaves VERY little incentive to buy PS4 then. Once Sony fills up PSN with thousands of PS1, PS2, PS3, Minis, Dreamcast and PSV games, many people out there I'll just add on a Vita to their PS3 and enjoy a huge backlog of cheap games.

GribbleGrunger3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )


Of course you would have consider that problem but I think, because Nintendo run parallel to other generations instead of joining them, the PS3/Vita combo would cater to a different market than the PS4. In the same way the the Wii catered to a different market to the PS3 and 360. But this time there would be two consoles catering to that 'conceptual market' and two consoles catering to the normal market.

LOGICWINS3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Interesting point of view. If dev costs go up significantly next gen, Sony may be in big trouble and I think they realize it. Resistance 3, LBP 2, and Killzone 3 have all sold less than their predecessors. Can Sony afford to hold onto these franchises as next gen looms? The higher dev costs are, the more return Sony will need to break even. If these franchises are having trouble selling now, next-gen will be even worse.

I personally think Sony will hold off the PS4 until 2015/2016. Next year, as you suggested, they will package a PS3/Vita combo for $350 and relaunch both consoles as one console.

The Vita will be FULLY integrated with the PS3. Any PS3, PS2, PS1 game bought on PSN will be playable on the Vita via cloud ANYWHERE with a Wi-fi connection.

It will be one HUGE middle finger to the Wii U

ronin4life3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

That is an interesting idea, except it requires something Sony doesn't exactly have going for it right now; Having money. They are sinking money into a new machine losing market share to all its competitors and with the wiiu releasing shortly they will begin to become eclipsed there(home market. The ps3 stands beside the 3ds in Japan as the home console and handheld console to get respectively) as well.
Without the coming situation, they are already in a bad state financially, yet they are supposed to be capable of continuing to push an aging system alongside a flagging system producing less and less income all the time and THEN also make a whole new, separate console?

It could work, but it will be expensive and give little initial return, especially if they don't do it just right. Their market position isn't going to go back to the way it once was easily, if at all, and supporting so many consoles in such a manner as this seems unrealistic for a modern Sony financially.

GribbleGrunger3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Yes but it wouldn't be a whole new console, it would be two consoles (Vita and PS3) with full compatibility. People would still be able to play them separately but Sony would also be able to join Nintendo's generation and help support the Wiiu concept. Developers make more money from multiplatform games than they do exclusives, especially in the early years before a decent install base is established.

Everything about this concept is a plus for all concerned. Joining Nintendo in their new generation wouldn't lose Sony money, it would make them money AND raise the install base of the Vita too.

violents3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

If the rumors are true than the ps4 is being built with more affordable hardware and the production costs of the actual console should be much better than with the ps3 launch so at least they learned their lesson with the 600 dolllar launch price. And with the developer friendly engines being made for next gen should help with dev costs and production times. Which hopefully should equate to better games pumped out faster. So they would be stupid to wait on ps4 for much longer. you should check out the unreal 4 vids on youtube its awsome.

But more on topic I agree the combo would be competition for both markets and then if they continue support after the ps4 launch than it would be a steady earner for years to come just like ps2 was for the first few years of ps3.

ZoyosJD3140d ago

The way I see things:

1.The PS3 and 360 competed directly for the same market while the Wii grabbed a mostly new market while keeping it's classic market.

2. Sony's PS3 attempted to grab this new market with MOVE, yet still maintain a hold in its core market. Needless to say the MOVE, while enjoyable in some aspects did not succeed to the extent Sony would have liked. It seems that Sony will soon take another approach to this market with the Wonderbook.

3. Microsoft's XBOX 360 attempted to capture this market with it's the Kinect and its heavy advertisement. It was at least enough of a success that it will warrant a revision in the next MS console.

4. Nintendo has developed a system that will be a continuation of the Wii's strategy of creating a unique gaming platform.

How this could go:

To get MS out of the way, I am sure that they will continue to attack the market with an enhanced Kinect, and I don't blame them the possibilities of a smoother kinect interface could be quite astounding. If they choose to continue to market to their core base will be highly dependent on how successfully they can implement a kinect version 2 and if they can still manage to create a unique console yet maintain a comparable power and price to the new gen PS. I am highly expecting them to "do their own thing" like Nintendo did with the Wii.

Sony's could take the PS vita/PS3 combo and replicate all of the unique capabilities of the Wii U meaning that these two platforms will be running in direct competition for the same market, while the PS4 releases for a more core market, then slowly transitioning to the PS4/vita combo.

Nintendo should be able to better balance core and casual this new gen. They are sure to have a unique perspective on things and will continue to make those classics I can't wait to see re-imagined and hopefully some new IPs that catch my interest as well.

Overall, I am expecting things to be more leveled out as the new consoles each present their strong points, yet cover the ever growing number of basics that a console must have.


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bigfish3141d ago

Many people have said it before, and I'll say it again. The PS3 + VITA combination would not be able to compete against the WII U please listen....... the WII U comes packaged with a tablet controller!!, unlike the PS3..... now please stop these pointless arguments.

GribbleGrunger3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Well you can keep saying that but clearly Sony have different ideas. It doesn't matter (and nor have I said to the contrary) if the PS3/Combo can't emulate the Wiiu perfectly. What matters is the potential for developers to hit two new markets instead of one. That's the point of the article.

Hicken3141d ago

... so exactly WHAT is stopping Sony from packaging a Vita with every PS3 in the future? It remains to be seen whether the Wii U's features far outstrip those of the PS3, but the "tablet" aspect edge would obviously go to the Vita.

Especially with competitive pricing, which one is more appealing to a consumer: the Wii U, which will offer dual-screen features; or the PS3.5(using Gribble's descriptor), which will offer dual-screen features and two separate devices that can act as standalone gaming systems?

All preference aside, what sounds more appealing to you: one system you can play around your house, or two systems you can play pretty much anywhere?

DarkHeroZX3140d ago


What you are forgetting is that the Vita has it's own Ram, GPU, and CPU. If Sony ever unlocks that last SPE on the cell for PS3 it can be used to work with the vita and perform task together for a lag-free and in depth experience. what you are seeing with current game streaming features through remote play like God of War is the ps3 handling all of the streaming and processing by itself while all the vita does is render it. Little to no work being done on the vita's end. The LPB2 dlc which showed the vita playing a more active role says it all. No frame rate issues, still has beautiful graphics, and all functions of the vita are now accessible to the ps3. This could be done on all ps3 games because unlike the Wii U tablet and other controllers on the market the vita comes packed with everything a developer needs to make it happen. If the PS Vita was just a Wii U tablet with no CPU,GPU, and Ram then yes the ps3 would be incapable of doing hardly anything the Wii U can do.

fOrlOnhOpe573141d ago

It would be interesting to factor in the continuation of the PS2 and the PSP into that line of thought.

GribbleGrunger3141d ago

I think the difference is that the PSP wasn't quite the leap that the Vita is and it didn't have the dual analogue sticks (very important those). I see the Vita as a bridge between the PS3 and the PS4 as well as a potential Wiiu 'clone' for want of a better word. If BC IS a major factor in the next generation then it would be nice to have full BC... that means PS3.5 games too.

taquito3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

the wii u is head and shoulders above and beyond anything ps3 or 360 are or ever will be capable of.

the launch titles for the wii u look as good or better than ps3/360 exclusives that are coming out two years time wii u games will make uncharted 3 look like a ps2 game!

thank goodness, so sick of ps3/360 jaggies, screen tear, bad framerates ect...

also, even though i own one, the vita is pretty much useless as of right now, Ragnarok Odyssey is the ONLY game worth playing on the system

adorie3141d ago

"thank goodness, so sick of ps3/360 jaggies, screen tear, bad framerates ect... "

Sick of jaggies? turn on AA. ;)~

3141d ago
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violents3141d ago

ragnarok odyssey, really? Uncharted at least is better than that.

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