GameStop Weekly Deals - November 14th

Take a look at GameStop's this week deals.

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Bleucrunch3361d ago

Everyone the next time you go to a gamestop....Stop and listen to the staff speak regarding gaming and tell me that most are not some of the most incompetent people you will EVER speak to regarding gaming or life in general....The stuff they spew sometimes...I had one person ask me if I wanted Uncharted 3 for the Xbox.

WeAreLegion3360d ago

It depends on the store. I worked for GameStop for three years. I hated it. However, most of us were very well informed gamers...which rich histories of gaming. :) It's a person-to-person basis. That's like saying all Walmart employees are old.

Bleucrunch3354d ago

Didn't say all I said most...and a LOT of stores have employees like this...Unacceptable in my opinion. They mislead and misguide a lot of moms and pops who are not as knowledgeable in gaming as you or I.