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New developer 343 Industries promised us the utmost care and sensitivity while working with this monumental intellectual property. 343 ensured us that they were just as passionate about the Halo universe as the fans were if not more so and would endeavor to bring us a promising new future of Halo gaming and boy, did they deliver.

Halo 4 is a beautiful game, simply put. Every single model and texture feels alive, vibrant, and fluid; making for a memorably cinematic experience that even observers can enjoy. The amount of detail and care put into the newly revamped Cortana and Master Chief models not only brings tears of pride to those who have played Halo since Combat Evolved but also propels the franchise up to the forefront of the modern FPS arena once again. The sleek and masterful redesign of weapons makes for interesting diversity among similar weapons within both campaign and multiplayer and the Forerunner weapons are a welcome addition to the familiar arsenal of UNSC and Covenant arms. From the wreckage of the Pillar of Autumn to the vegetation of Earth every set piece is unique and not only serves a purpose but also makes for some of the most beautiful environments to have graced the 360 in a while.

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Bleucrunch2650d ago

I have halo and I think its pretty good...Their are some guns in the game that do pose and unfair advantage and I still believe (and this my number one problem with the MP) the maps are too big for some of the online modes...after you respawn you gotta take a train and a taxi just to get back to your target. But I am OH SO GLAD they removed ARMOR LOCK!

aviator1892650d ago

I think the reason they made the maps a bit larger than previous games is because everyone has default sprint now. I mean, it does make sense.
Otherwise, the balance would be just thrown off if we had maps the size of guardian or citadel with everyone having sprint.

Bleucrunch2650d ago

Ironically enough those two maps you mentioned are my two most favorite maps in HALO history (echo)....lolololol its true....its true

Bleucrunch2650d ago

Also Halo needs a domination type of mode in their games....OMG that is probably the most fun mode in COD for me.

ItsTrue2650d ago

@ Streeks 1984
You called?

On topic though, I agree with the removal of armour lock. It was like the most abused armour ability.

Regarding map sizes, I see them as an alright size. For like team slayer though, I reckon they should have some more Haven-like sized maps.