Black Ops II massive day 1 sales

Call of Duty Black Ops II is doing rather well as expected as the numbers suggest more record breaking antics for the series.

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RaidensRising2657d ago

Sounds about right. Let them flock in their numbers.

ape0072657d ago

you're not better than any one of those as u basically claim

jeseth2657d ago

The good thing about this year's release ... Black Ops 2 its actually very good!!!

I'm really surprised how much work Treyarch did to improve Black Ops 2 with new game modes and tons of content when regular campaign, zombies, and multiplayer are all put together.

I know lots of people on here love to hate COD, but Blacks Ops 2 is MUCH better than I expected.

decrypt2657d ago

Its the only 60fps shooter on console. Since console folks only have 1 shooter as an option for smooth game play of course it sells.

Kin23g2656d ago

TRUE. I didn't like the old CODs (I never liked fps war games to begin with) nor did I like Battlefield. But after watching the 1st part of a Black Ops 2 walkthrough on YouTube .. I was amazed by how good the single player storyline seems!!

Stewie2k82656d ago


Nearly everyone that plays CoD doesn't even know what Frames per second is. >.>

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GraveLord2657d ago

What do you suggest we buy instead? Medal of Honor? Hahaha!

-MD-2657d ago

You could just buy yourself a gallon of 2% and save yourself some money.

MysticStrummer2657d ago

@Ares84HU - There is no reason whatsoever for a CoD freak to buy BF3 instead. The opposite is also true. It's of course possible to like both but they are very different games. More people apparently like CoD's gameplay better than BF's. Deal with it. I'm not one of them by the way. I prefer to feel like I'm in a big battle so MAG and BF3 are both better in my view, with MAG in the lead by more than a little bit. I'm in the minority but that doesn't change my opinion. Having said that, BO2 is the first CoD I've bought since [email protected] and I'm enjoying it. Treyarch has done some different things this time and there's a lot of content right out of the box.

swishman2657d ago

i want to try out every 60 frame per second shooter on a console. OH WAIT there's only one franchise like that, im sticking to cod for the smoother gameplay and superior multiplayer

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Thatguy-3102657d ago

They are going to trounce GTA numbers next year lol This Gen belongs to COD and to be honest I don't see it taking a rest next gen.

NeXXXuS2657d ago

People are bound to get tired of it eventually.

BlmThug2657d ago

Gta IV has sold well over 25 million units and Gta V looks to surpass that by a large amount so troll somewhere else

Awesome_Gamer2657d ago

You're dulsional if you think this will outsell GTA V, it's not a surprise that every gaming site is ignoring Black Ops 2 on it's release day and is talking about GTA V.

GTA V only needs to sell 6 million copies more than IV to outsell every CoD released this gen, IV was released 5 years ago, back when the install base for console were 45m only, now it's 144 million console owner, so it's fair to predict V will be the best-selling video game of all time, troll elsewhere.

Axecution2657d ago

Damn. And to think, these numbers dont even include Steam. Im assuming that's easily another million or maybe even more.

Jason1432657d ago

Not close to a million online. Not sure if we can play with the world though so id say it is possible when you consider that

showtimefolks2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

this year's COD is actually good and a lot of work went into zombie mode and single player story. I have not played it neither am i planning to but i don't have to hate on it just because i don't like the series. when a game is good instead of hate why not give credit where credit is due

my only concern is this when COD can sell that much and a game like darkisders 2 struggles than i see this industry only going towards more sequels and game franchises that sell. Meaning uncharted,gears,cod,bf,god of war etc, will keep receiving more sequels just because its a safer bet.

THQ will be out of business within next 6 months because no game they are releasing in that time is going to sell huge numbers, and its truly sad because they have changed and now are about quality titles more than movie tie in game


you should read an interview one of the heads did with ign about GTA5 and said we can make one each year but that isn't smart because sooner or later people will get tired of same thing. So while COD is hot now and maybe for next 2-3 years GTA as a franchise has a much longer future just because each gen we may get one or 2 games at the most

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ShadesMoolah2657d ago

Treyarch's first Black Ops really surprised me, as besides all the co-op and multiplayer stuff, they proved that with a big budget and high production values they can actually deliver a good single-player experience, with, what is rare for shooters these days, a story that is easy to digest. Looking forward to getting my hands on Black Ops II!

Blues Cowboy2657d ago

Black Ops II's campaign is even more ambitious - the branching replayable storylines are really impressive.

Neoprime2657d ago

If you like the branching paths you should try Killzone 1, it had them and did them based on the character you played it would lead to different paths within-in the stage, sometimes a whole mape to one character.

ape0072657d ago

so far so good the game is excellent, great maps, feel of weapons, first level in the campaign is good, imo this is the best cod game since mw2, it feels like an upgrade

jeseth2657d ago

Agreed. I'm sure this game will get a lot of hate from people who don't buy it or people that secretly buy it but hate on it anyway ...

But Black Ops 2 is the best COD since the first MW! It's that improved! So many game modes and replay value. Pleasantly surprised with what Treyarch put together.

ape0072657d ago

it feels like the team has expanded, adding new talent to already good core devs

kopicha2657d ago

i am not a fan of COD. But I liked the first MW. Since many COD series I feel they are a little on the lackluster side. Which like what most said, they mostly play the same with a different skin. Since I am not a huge fan to it, it bothers me. Their appeal don't last on me and very quickly I just trade off the game. But this time I am actually quite impress with BO2. Especially the online seems to bring back the feel of the first MW game but with quite a bit of improvements. Haters should give this one a try to see for themselves.

mcstorm2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I am not a COD fan on the consoles. I get why so many people like it but for me Halo is the King of my FPS games and jumping between Halo 4, Forza 4/Horizon and Fifa I don't get much time to play many at the mo apart from games on my 3DS and PSV on the way to work.

Has anyone got COD on the PSV and if so is the SP any good or is it as bad as the reviews on here? I am going to grab a new game on the way home for one of them but not sure on AC3, COD or Mario 2.

Prcko2657d ago

Wait for Grand Theft Auto V,then speak about MASSSSIVE sales!!!

Axecution2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Im not sure GTA5'll be able to top this in a period of 24 hours lol. Quite a lot of people didn't like GTA4 despite the reviews. Maybe it will i dont know, but the CoD bandwagon is a lot bigger now than when GTA4 came out.

Kinda funny that it's the same wagon >.>

kopicha2657d ago

it is pointless to talk about something that is not even out.

tallkidoPL2657d ago

Game is trash like every cod since mw1

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2657d ago

Your sentiment is trash, thus the overwhelming disagrees.

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