‘GTA V’s’ multiplayer as revolutionary as ‘GTA III’s’ open world

We know very little about what Rockstar is planning for Grand Theft Auto V’s multplayer, but the highly acclaimed developer plans on it being just as significant as GTA III’s open-world gameplay.

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brodychet2659d ago

somehow i can't see myself being as surprised as i was for GTA3's gameplay. I wish it'll happen, but I won't get my hopes up O_o.

But when does rockstar lie? <3

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

They just make Multiplayer an mmo with multiple cities. That could be interesting.
If I don't like it I just wouldn't play it. Not like I am spend money on grand theft for multiplayer.

Donnieboi2656d ago

Why not? Sounds like a great way for the game to never get tired. U suck at multiplayer or something?

detroitmademe2659d ago

Well id pay 4 the multiplayer .the singleplayer looks EPIC .i luv all the new features they've added but we've all played Saints row,sleeping dogs or previous gta's.I mean we kindoff know wat to expect from singleplayer&it'll b fantastic but competitive MP is an area that hasnt really been touched by the genre and we have some of the best devs n the business cooking it up.Im very intrigued & excited about the multiplayer .

detroitmademe2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I hope they pull it off.The scale&variety of the map alone gives the multiplayer great potential.Shootouts throughout the city,car chases thru neighborhoods,off road mayhem in the desert,high speed boat races or air to air combat.not to mention the various minigames that could b included.It would b cool if the multiplayer had a persistent feel to since crews will b included,maybe instead of just playing competitively for wins& loses,u play for money&power for ur crew instead.its like read dead redemption meets battlefield without the horses& destruction.I cant wait till they reveal more features

seanpitt232659d ago

Rock star don't tend to do good mp take max Payne that was pretty bad red dead was ok with the open world part but they never blow me away like there single campaigns do

NukaCola2659d ago

RDR was excellent. Never played MP3 online. I do hope for free roaming just so me and a friend can dog fight in the sky.

-Gespenst-2659d ago

Hard to imagine what this could mean. Looking forward to it though.

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