Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn’t Next Gen

Kotaku - When Grand Theft Auto V was first revealed, some thought, surely, the game is aimed at next generation consoles, which are just around the corner. Nope! As we now know, the game is headed to current generation consoles.

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RXL2656d ago

Why Grand Theft Auto V isn't next gen?



it's being released this gen?

MasterCornholio2656d ago

Which means that according to the article all the Wii Us launch games are next Gen. But honestly none of them look like next Gen games to me they are on par with current Gen titles.

God this is confusing.

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Hydrolex2656d ago

I really hate these Articles that start with "Why" or NUMBERS

Why this, why that, why this sucks, why it's not

10 reasons this is good, 3 reasons why this is bad


ddurand12656d ago

so you didnt read the article?

Hydrolex2656d ago

I did.

And this was posted already.

the other title was Why Spring 2013 is the best time for GTA V

Sloppy people approve these news.

decrypt2655d ago

Next gen version will be out on the PC, once the mods are done updating the game lol.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2656d ago


Well said. Nothing more needs to be said.

ddurand12656d ago

another person failed to read the article? lol

Outside_ofthe_Box2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

lol It isn't an opinion piece. xD
Since 99.9% of opinion pieces are titled with a question I assume this article was one.

Kudos to you ddurand1 for actually reading the article lol.

Hicken2655d ago

Even if you didn't read the article, it's not like you'd have much of a leap in logic from that presented in the very first comment(because it's coming out THIS generation) to that stated in the article and rationalized by izumo_lee below.

Mr Tretton2656d ago

What is 'next gen' really anyway? You have to define it first.

Also, bs title and article, trying to get hits. Don't bother.

Qrphe2656d ago

"Next gen" is any home console released years after current gen consoles.

If GTAV was to be ported to the Wii U, I guess it'd be next gen.

izumo_lee2656d ago

Hmmm lets see. 120+ million current gen console base compared to maybe 5 million next gen consoles (if only one is released).

If Rockstar likes money i guess this is an easy choice.

Red_Orange_Juice2655d ago

Why Kotaku isnt relevant?....

pennywhyz2655d ago

If it was made for pc only it would surpass next gen.consoles with their 6 year old hardware fukin joke.and even when new consoles come out their already 2 years behind pc's if not more.

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