Media Create software sales (11/5 – 11/11)

This week's Japanese software sales include first week data for Animal Crossing and Halo 4.

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Jadedz2255d ago

Pretty decent Halo 4 sales (considering the region and all).

InsaneChronos2255d ago

Actually no. This is the worst 1st week Halo sales in Japan on X360.

Jadedz2255d ago

I didn't know that... that's for the info.

GribbleGrunger2255d ago

Actually that's phenomenal sales. It's represents 25% of Japanese 360 owners!

knifefight2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Jadedz, don't mind him.
He's trolling. It's one of (if not THE) best Halo debuts. Halo Reach did a little bit more than Halo 4, but Halo 3 sold 29,734 in its first week,; so its a 33% jump up from that, and exceeds the first two titles as well -- pretty impressive. This is all considering Halo 4's debut was directly against the PHENOMENAL Animal Crossing New Leaf debut? Solid.

InsaneChronos2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Do your research before you call someone a troll:

And Halo 4 wasn't against Animal Crossing, lol. It's very different games for very different audience. These games are on different platforms.

knifefight2255d ago

That link confirms everything I said. Good going, haha.

Halo 4 did indeed ship on the same day as Animal Crossing. YOU might think the demo is different because of where you live, but in Japan, there's more overlap than you'd think.