Black Ops 2 To Become Biggest Selling Video Game Of All Time?

It's news that every Call of Duty fan loves, and every other gamer hates to hear, but we could be on track for the new largest selling game of all time. To be fair, many were expecting Black Ops 2 to accomplish just that, what with Modern Warfare 3 and the original Black Ops holding both those titles respectively in the past.

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josephayal2650d ago

GTA V will be the best selling video game of all-time

Thatguy-3102650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Doubt it. Though it will sell a lot I doubt it will break the records Black ops 2 is breaking. This Gen revolves around multilayer and I doubt GTA V will come out with something that rivals COD when it comes to online play.

Awesome_Gamer2649d ago

Every forum i'm on, people are only talking about one game, GTA V, Black Ops 2 was released 3 days ago and nobody cares, V only needs to sell 7 more million copies than IV to become the best selling video game of all-time, which will be easy to do.

GTA IV sold 24 million copies and the install base for consoles back in 2008-2009 was 40-40 million gamers, now it's over 140 so V will obviously sell more than 35m copies at least, enough to destroy CoD.

leahcim2650d ago

of course none of them will reach the atrocious "WII sport" neither "Super Mario NES"

imXify2650d ago

Those were marathon sales, not a sprint one

ronin4life2650d ago

Why tag this story for Wii and 3ds? Blops 2 isn't releasing on either console.

As far as anyone knows anyway.

DanMightyNuke2649d ago


There's a story there that explains it. Could possibly be coming to both.

ndl15312649d ago

it baffles my mind how year after year this crap keeps selling the way it does dammm