D Bags of the Roundtable: Wii U

Is the Wii U a launch day pick up for the D Pad D Bags staff? Five writers and one special guest expound upon the pros and cons of Nintendo's newest console.

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cherbhy2652d ago

Some quotes from various D Bag Staffers:

"I smell novelty appeal"

Sure, the Gamepad is novel in the sense that it's fresh, new, and somewhat original. But I think the implication that it's gimmicky or toy-like is unfair. Simply put, it brings something to the table no other console ever has: full console games in the palm of your hands. And if the pre-sale is any indication, the seven years since the last "new" console has left gamers longing for something novel.

"The screen peripheral is used to display lists and information–boring"

Yet another misunderstanding of the Gamepad. Overlooking the prospect of asymmetrical gameplay, maps, HUD radar, inventory management, touch-selectable items, play-calling (sports games), video calling, and an awesome touch screen keyboard for navigation-- this is simply inexcusable. Do your homework before you write something off, D Bags.

"The games don't tempt me..."

No other console has had as large a launch line-up since PS2. Granted, a lot of the game are ports. But ports are good-- and support that was once absent now seems to be there. And come on, you know you want to play Mario and ZombiU.

"The first party games [...] look like lame rehashes"

Ehh.. there really aren't that many out yet. Pikmin 3 & Game & Wario were delayed. But Pikmin 3 will be a great game, Mario will be a great game, Lego City looks pretty good, Nintendoland will be a great game.. And in the future, I would bet Super Smash U & Mario Kart will both be a lot of fun as well. SO rehashes? It depends on how these games use the gamepad. They could be very innovation and evolutionary. Lame? That's a matter of opinion. I grew up on Nintendo, and am somewhat indoctrinated. I think these games will be AWESOME.

"My go-to system is my Xbox 360, mostly because it’s my media hub (good job Microsoft)."

Good argument, although Nintendo TVii will add a whole new dimension to using your gaming console as a "media hub" in ways that Microsoft and Sony simply can't right now. Here's hoping it works as advertised-- it could be a major selling point for this console.

cherbhy2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The best argument:

"I’ve outgrown Nintendo’s consoles."

I've only ever owned Nintendo consoles and am beginning to feel this way. I'm ready to play big boy games, Nintendo, and if you don't get serious about Third Party support this time around, I'm jumping ship. And honestly, "alternative video game fun" will not be enough with this console. The gamepad isn't motion control, it's not going to open up a whole new casual market for you like the Wii did. Get serious about real gamers. Please and thank you.

"I look at [the gamepad], and I think 'distraction!'"

IMHO this is the main hurdle for devs and Nintendo. If they can't create games that take advantage of the second screen without making it a total distraction, then they are going to have some problems. Will a failure in this area be detrimental? Hell no. The gamepad will still have the appeal of an internet browser, independent game-playing option, and TV control.

"there isn’t one that is the kind of blockbuster release most consoles have to get people buying"

A lot of people are arguing that ZombiU is that title. I disagree-- it seems like a game that will only reach one niche market (the casuals won't have the patience for it). A Zelda title would have worked wonders for Nintendo.

"It looks like the system mostly makes use of the Wiimotes"

I'm probably in the minority here, but I would rather see Nintendo totally abandon the Wii remotes than continue to issue games that make use of a simple "A B + D pad" schematic that aren't Mario. I will admit, though, that the controls for Skyward Sword were pretty good. Here's hoping the majority of new games will support the pro controller.
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Journalistic integrity and Gaming Journalism really are oxymoronic terms. You want to be balanced? Try featuring two positive opinions and two negatives.


I adopted the Wii almost as soon as it came out. Once the novelty wore off, the lack of third party support really became apparent. IMO this absence could have been avoided with better hardware to work with-- I fault Nintendo for this, not devs. I like Nintendo, but it's hard to argue that they've ever been ahead of the curve in terms of raw hardware. But they certainly do provide innovation in gameplay-- and that's what these D Bag staffers fail to truly acknowledge.

The Pros definitely outweigh the Cons.