Media Create hardware sales (11/5 - 11/11)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr2663d ago

Holy crap, the 3DS did more than double it did the previous week. Look how many XL units it shipped. That is ridiculous numbers. On another note, the PSP outsold the Vita 3:1 this week.

knifefight2663d ago

Full software charts are here, btw:

Vita barely above 4k, ouch. O_O The new colors can't come soon enough. Hopefully Sony markets the hell out of them.

GraveLord2663d ago

No point in new colors since there are no new games. Does Sony just expect people to go buy some of the launch games or something? I can count the number of Japanese RPGs on one hand for the Vita.

darthv722662d ago

the 3ds and 3dsxl and even the 360 all went up but everything else went down. interesting.

eagle212663d ago

Animal Crossing slayed. Imagine Monster Hunter 4 numbers....*hides for cover*. :)

chukamachine2663d ago

Vita getting overlooked by the xl, rofl.

What has the xl got except cheaper games.

CommonSenseGamer2663d ago

The 3DS obviously has the games people want to play. lets not forget that its backward compatible as well.

Moonman2663d ago

Have you read reviews for 3DS XL lately?? They are all good reviews. They seem to favor it over Vita as well. These are american reviews by the way.

As far as Japan. How can you NOT see how they favor 3DS over Vita now? Are you aware of the games that released? Or just blind? Bravely Default 38/40 famitsu. Square's best new game franchise in years. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 39/40 famitsu. Quality and quantity.

ronin4life2663d ago

The 3ds version of ex troopers also scored 2 points higher than the PS3 version in famitsu. That releases on the 22

Samus HD2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

ex troopers!
I love that Game
why not release that on west?

Clarence2663d ago

It's something about the way the vita looks that turns me off. It's very clunky.

mume192663d ago

There are like 46 3ds sold for every vita.
At this rate the Xbox 360 is gonna surpass the vita in a couple of weeks.

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The story is too old to be commented.