Ghost reporting... EA opens new triple-A studio in Sweden

El33tonline writes:

"DICE isn’t EA’s only triple-A game development studio in Sweden, now that a new company has recently made itself known.

Going by the name of Ghost, the studio is located in Gothenburg, Sweden (hence the developer’s other moniker, EA Gothenburg), and is currently being built and staffed by experienced game developer Marcus Nilsson, who previously worked on the Battlefield franchise with DICE."

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Ben_Grimm2659d ago

Sweden? I guess there's no kick ass developers in America.

Ben_Grimm2658d ago

EA owns Naughty Dog?

Basically i was referring to EA being an American company with it's main headquarters located in California, Silicon Vally the heart of all things tech. And they had to open a studio in Sweden?

And then americans wonder why the job market and our economy is so bad.

Skate-AK2658d ago

Ohhhh haha. I thought you meant in general.

Trago13372659d ago

i just hope they don't work on some tired A$$ military shooter with fancy graphics...

Hufandpuf2659d ago

If your taking a shot at DICE, think again. DICE makes quality games and not "A$$ military shooters"

Trago13372659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

not really, i have much respect for DICE, after all Mirror's Edge, and Bad Company 2 are awesome to me. I just think it would be nice to have a big budget game come from EA that didn't involve shooting something. After all the shooter hasn't evolved much since, say, COD4, and no one's been doing anything to innovate with it. All i'm seeing is fancy graphics and guns. so why not ask for something new?

cyborg472659d ago

They're a racing games developer, NFS is their next title.

Skate-AK2659d ago

Hopefully they buy some THQ IP's.