Black Ops 2 multiplayer map tips – get the upper hand online with our guide

OPM: Get a handy head start on Black Ops 2 online with a few helpful tips for its multiplayer maps. What to watch out for, how to prepare and more. Add your own tips into the comments too and I’ll keep updating the features until it’s the best we can make it.

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YourGreatUncle2649d ago

All of his tactics are basically find a small enclosed area and camp. The amount of campers in BO II is already turning me off from it. Why would you want to encourage this style of gameplay?

seanpitt232649d ago

There is no skill involved with this game every time a kill some one I get shot in the back with out fail or sniped by quick scoopers

ninjahunter2648d ago

Get shotgun, never stop moving forward, stay away from center of map. If you stop moving you will be shot in the back, and lets face it, shotguns are just cool. (and those damn quickscopers have an eye on the middle of the map, whos idea was it to allow instant zoom on snipers?!)