Too Many People Are Stealing This Terrible Call of Duty/Halo Joke

Kotaku - Boy, those young men sure do love video games, don't they? And wouldn't you know it, two of the biggest games of the year, Halo 4 and Black Ops II, just came out! Surely there is some pithy joke to be made here, some quick gibe about how men will be playing those games and therefore neglecting their girlfriends?

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FanboyPunisher2650d ago

Games that come out yearly have little to no added value; majority is reused assets and code.

Why pay full price for reused stuff?

SKIP ANNUALS, just like COD.

Why do you think the best games never come out yearly? Good games require time, while annuals require paying off reviewers.

MGS, Uncharted, etc etc never would be so good if they came out yearly.

SKIP TRASH. Dont listen to reviews listen to reality.
They reuse assets and code, nearly everything for annual releases; why keep this terrible cycle going?

JamieL2650d ago

Look man, I know what ya'll mean, and I don't disagree with you 100% at all. I’m not for annual titles either, but the COD games have the same development time as most other high profile games these days. 2 years. UC 2&3 both had the same amount of development time. The COD games just have 2 developers working on them. Am I trying to say COD is the same as UC, of course not, but they do put as much time into these games as a lot of others do as well, so I just don't see why that is one of the main attack points of the COD games. I do understand that milking the cow until it drops dead at your feet is never the way to go, but they put no less time into it than any other average game.

mynameisEvil2650d ago

I'd just like to point out this this poster is copying and pasting this comment on a number of CoD-related articles...

So, yeah, that's spamming.

Heartnet2650d ago

Every Developer if they have ever created a game before the one there developing will reuse Code and Assets..

Why on earth wouldnt you?

caseh2650d ago


True, the best thing any development studio can do is design a gaming engine and base a series around it. Most notably Epic with the unreal engine, not only do they use it themselves they license it to other companies.

Some companies over use the same engine though, not pointing any fingers but it becomes overly obvious when the only real change is the box art. :)

Shame Konami didn't do anything with whatever MGS4 was built on, that was one sexy assed game and it still looks the business even today.

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CalvinKlein2650d ago

Hey I just read the joke for the first time in that tiny picture(if thats it) and I THOUGHT IT WAS FREAKING FUNNY.


DaThreats2651d ago

Game is good for low pregnancy

Blacktric2650d ago

For lowering "teen/underage (mostly underage)" pregnancy

Heartnet2650d ago

Not underage there 18 games after all ;)

Blacktric2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Say what Heartnet?

Jesus, I feel horrible whenever I look at this.

glennco2651d ago

a whole article about a joke

Voyevoda2650d ago

Thats too funny. I see your point on a whole article being about this one joke and showing posts of lots of other people using it.

SageHonor2650d ago

They're trying to get the internet hate machine rolling.

wishingW3L2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Kotaku always writing the worst and most pointless articles.

brish2651d ago

Aren't pointless articles pretty much the standard on the net?

miyamoto2651d ago

the crap Kotaku writes about

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The story is too old to be commented.