There Are More Than 800,000 People Playing Black Ops II On Xbox Live Right Now

Kotaku - >Well then. There are a crapload of people playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II online right now. On Xbox Live alone, between Zombies mode and regular multiplayer, there are more then 800,000 playing.

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Fatty2657d ago

Tons of people playing a popular game online within 24 hours of its release? Color me shocked.

Cam9772657d ago

They're 'slaves to substance.''

GraveLord2657d ago

I call it slaves to fun or entertainment.

InfectedDK2657d ago

The highest I've seen on PS3 was just over 500.000 in MP and 100.000 in Zombies at the same time.. I thought there would be even more on Xbox 360 actually..

spike2657d ago

I wonder how many people are playing Killzone 3 right now

WeAreLegion2657d ago

I'm not sure, but I seem to be able to get into a server every single time...

When does Black Ops II get that feature?

andibandit2657d ago


just you and CrowTRobot

AAACE52657d ago

Not bad. The most i ve seen playing on ps3 was 500,000. Then those issues kicked in and now about 300,000. I remember when i used xbl there would be over a million during the first week. I guess people are moving on or just decided to do halo 4 instead.

faraany33k2657d ago

Halo 4 barely crosses 2 million most of the day.

shammgod2657d ago

halo is much better than BO2

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