Cliff Bleszinski gets an offer he can refuse... from Ubisoft

El33tonline writes:

"Sure, it’s a little gauche writing about the internet and Twitter ‘leavings’ of videogame luminaries, but this one is potentially very exciting…

After departing Epic Games in October this year, Cliff Bleszinski has been touring around the US with his wife, while visiting other game developers and making stops at places like Disneyland.

What’s news from Mr. Bleszinski today? He’s just received a phone from Ubisoft… or, maybe Ubisoft…"

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LX-General-Kaos2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It would be interesting if he were employed by Ubisoft.

@snookies sorry for the edit..

The title said "can refuse" so I got confused. Maybe it was a typo but then again maybe it wasnt.

Snookies122660d ago

If you'd said that back during the time of Unreal Tournament 2004. I would have agreed wholeheartedly. These days though? Not so much...

OliverKO2660d ago

It was intentional - Bleszinski doesn't have to take up any positions anywhere for the foreseeable future and may even want to start his own studio. He might consider an offer from Ubisoft, but he can certainly refuse it ;)

DA_SHREDDER2660d ago

I don't think he has the talent to bring anything better than the crap he's put out before.

Freak of Nature2660d ago

Interesting if it were Gears of Ray man or Prince of Gears...Seems to be treated like a free agent in sports. Perhaps watch dogs is something they have in mind? But it's probably something all new, I cannot see him being brought in to step on the toes of other already established in developement games.

Perhaps his own game with UBISOFT backing it?

Welshy2660d ago

Yes, he clearly has some talent and won millions of fans and popularity over a short space of time after Gears Of War 1.

But the thing that gets me, everyone talks about Epic games titles and immediately pin all the credit to Cliff, it's hugely unfair to the rest of the team who cumulatively will have put in substantially more than he did personally.

I think his shooting to fame and media reporting every statement he ever makes has gone straight to his head, sure he optimised the Unreal engine really well for "older" tech, but from a creativity and originality stand point, i don't think he could run his own studio and do anything significant we haven't seen before.

He could make a studio and blow us all away for all we really know, but i just don't think it's in him to leave a massive mark like Konami or (early) Capcom.

Roccetarius2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Everyone talks about Cliffy because he was the face of Epic games. He could also do a much better job on stage than a lot of other industry people.

razrye2660d ago

bubble sir. very well said. about time other ppl got credit.

dragonrage002660d ago

Its all self marketing. His looks, his statements, his appearences... All of that made him stand out as a well known developer, but you cant deny the guy has talent. Itagaki did the exact same thing before him.

EyesAblaze2660d ago

Indeed it would. Wonder where he'll end up on their totem pole.

CommonSense2659d ago

It's really just a stupid title.

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PS-ADDICT2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Gears Creed:Assasins of War, Just Cause 3 maby has his bulletstorm ultra bright Scenery and Over the top Characters.. what else does ubi make Hitman? i always thought Ubi Made Tomb Raider and FarCry.... his style would fit in with Far Cry also, I only really like The Way Epic Designs Vehicles, and the smoothness of UT3 and that NUDE chick mod on my PS3 , and it was cool playing Blood Gulch with masterchief on my PS3, friends minds were blown

JellyJelly2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

What you just did to your keyboard - promise me you'll never do that again.

Nutsack2660d ago

It is a BlackBerry. The company that isn't important anymore, which is gonna go bankrupt somewhere in 2013.

They clearly don't like you enough Cliff...

Nakiro2660d ago

I guess you haven't been keeping up with the news. BlackBerry isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Gohadouken2660d ago

Based on what ? Their big hitters keep selling better and better . Seems more like a wish than anything

Unztayble2660d ago

companies are interested in him. wonder what ubisoft would have him work on.

e-p-ayeaH2660d ago

Improving Watch Dogs shooting mechanics maybe?

bubblebeam2660d ago

@ e-p-ayeaH

What exactly does Cliffy B do? I'm being legit.

He seems to get quite a lot of hate, yet I still don't know exactly what it is he does. Lead Designer? What is that? In terms of involvement with the Gears franchise?

If he had anything to do with the smoothness of Gears gameplay, then hell yeah hire him for watch dogs.

Tomonobu Itagaki2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

To explain this simply, just imagine the lead designer as the one that tells the design team(s) what they have to do. The lead designer thinks about what to do, and the design team conceive what the lead designer want. He only gives the direction to take.

I don't know how much Cliffy is involved in the design of Gears of War series, but we can guess he asked the designers to incorporate the cover system, the chainsaw battles, etc... So he basically is behind the ideas of the gameplay mechanics.

ThanatosDMC2659d ago

Watch the Fortnite video all he does is scream "double kill", "triple kill", etc.

Which kind of ruined my expectations since i didnt want it to be a pure shooter.

Summons752660d ago

I can see it now..... Assassins creed now featuring hidden chainsaw.

ziggurcat2660d ago

he'd just turn it into an uber macho cover shooter :(

razrye2660d ago

make it so lol gagnam style lol

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