Digital Journal Review: 'Black Ops II' is a compromised and boring sequel

At some point one would realize that wasting $60 on the same game every year was a very stupid decision. Unfortunately common sense may have kicked in after buying 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II'. After hitting the billion dollar mark, could the iconic franchise have peaked and now begin its decline.

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101DarkReBeL2652d ago

Well all i can say it that BO 2 is not going to be a hit, and yes i see the end of COD coming faster than anyone actually realize. BO2 was not even Launched and they were on about MW4 wow how sick can that be

Zuperman2652d ago

I'm done with the Black Ops/Treyach saga.

Unlimax2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

We are done with the whole series .. Stop making them for the love of gaming .. it kills creativity in the gaming industry !

objdadon2652d ago

With every cod game someone says they see the end coming. The they release another cod and break the sales record again! As long as cod has multiplayer, it is here to stay! Some challenge but they all fall! That's just fact!

AusRogo2652d ago

Im actually enjoying this game. Atleast Treyarch put effort in.. give it a rent atleast, the strike force missions are my favourite bit other then zombies!

seanpitt232652d ago

That's more like it. It should be lower than 3 because its unplayable I didn't buy mw3 but I dicided to by BO2 for the zombies and to be honest with you the zombies has lost that wow factor from previous games I don't know why but iam not enjoying zombies that much like it did in wow and BO1

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