What do Team Fortress, Gearbox, Minecraft, Bethesda and Counter-Strike have in common?

It’s obvious they all share a passion for gaming. Less well known is their involvement with the “Fifth Annual TF2mixup Event”. It’s the year’s most anticipated gaming charity eventand boasts a celebrity line up to make Mann Co beam with pride.

MWEB GameZone looks at the 5th annual TF2mixup event.

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Likalota2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

"Put your money where you mouse is!" I love it :) I want to hear this silken voice... where can I?

schmoe2663d ago

fantasy is normally always better than reality :-0

HanCilliers2660d ago

Make sure to tune in to the event!

Choc_Salties2663d ago

hehe, its going to be a rough and tought event for sure!

HanCilliers2663d ago

What an honour it will be if you can jam TF2 with those guys!

DesVader2663d ago

Really really great initiative. Well done to those guys for putting this together for charity