Is Grand Theft Auto V Being Over-Hyped?

Any article on the Internet right now stating GTA V will be awful, is complete bologna. I don’t understand where they’re getting the sense that it’s going to suck by these screenshot’s and surfacing details of the game’s details

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NukaCola2653d ago

I think the media has been jumping on it lately because of the limited information. I like that R* isnt trying to over expose this game and let it be a mystery, but maybe it's their intent to build hype secretly without fully revealing the game. The media will hype and troll all day long, but it's good to see how professional R* is being about this game. Makes me think it's gonna be a real winner.

blitz06232652d ago

Over the past week, all the hottest stories were related to the game. Overhyped definitely - but it's also because of how information is being relayed. Even the slightest of details is being reported and being analyzed and whatever.

Overhyped doesn't mean it doesn't deserve it, but it's VERY clear the hype meter of this game is way too high.

wastedcells2652d ago

Hell no. Only a handful of games deserve all the hype they get and GTA is defiantly one of them.

Jinkies2652d ago

Yeah it kind of is

People just seem to forget what hype did to us for GTA4, peope are already calling it GOTY and the est game ever, I mean come on.

Plus if you question something or have a little bit of constructive criticism you get mauled to death.

Remember GTA4 guys thats all im saying

BitbyDeath2652d ago

GTAIV was crap in comparison though.
V is looking a lot more like Vice City which is the best thus far in the series... IMO

Jinkies2652d ago

Yeah but at the time people thought GTA4 looked AMAZING, like the best GTA game ever. Sames hppening here

Even reviewers got sucked into the hype and handed the game perfect scores because of it

pr0digyZA2652d ago

Yeah I can see it happening as well, people are already thinking of things they think are going to be in which raises their hype. Others saying it is going to be their best game ever.

The way I'm keeping hype down, is to just think of it as GTA 4 with planes and bicycles and a new map (although I really loved GTA 4 so for me its a good thing). I actually wish I didnt read anything on it, because I think that would be an amazing way to experience the game.

Dee_912652d ago

@jinkies what did hype do to gtaiv ? Who is "us" ? the small minority that didnt like the game ?
Im very confused by your comment or I dont have a clear understanding of "hype".
GTA is one of the biggest series ever so no.It should be receiving all of this attention.

come_at_me_bro2652d ago

I think you guys are making some good points. I was burned on GTA4 too. Not a bad game, but man... my expectations were so high. I'm getting sucked back into the 5 hype, no doubt, but I'm being cautious. I love what I'm seeing with 5 so far, however limited it may be, and I think Rockstar has listened to fan complaints and want to make us happy. It looks like they're keeping the more realistic, serious GTA approach in narrative but working in the fun and freedom we all know and love with the series. THAT is why I'm hyped.

Razmossis2652d ago


Go back and watch the GTAIV trailers, they don't show much. Gives you an idea of the graphical improvements and story, but nothing really about the content.

GTAV is showing us so much content already. I'm excited to do the things in see in the trailer, and to go to the places we've been shown. The content in the GTAV trailers warrant all this hype, GTAIV's trailers did not.

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Abdou232652d ago

Yes, same as cod. Gamers are becoming the number one reason why Gaming industry is being ruined.

showtimefolks2652d ago

go ahead click disagree but NO after watching the trailer today i know RS will release another master piece and move the open world genre in the right direction. also RS have said they expect the online aspect of GTA 5 to have the same Impact GTA 3 had for open world games last gen.

its rckstar:north how could they not make another great game when they have the track record to back it up

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Avernus2653d ago

Well tbh, what AAA title these days aren't super hyped? R* is among the best devs/ publishers out, and they show that quality > quantity.

So is it overhyped? Not imo, as GTAV is aiming to be the best in series, and that by itself is not an easy feat.

Hicken2652d ago

Agreed. I think most games with ANY hype wind up being OVERhyped. It's rare that any game actually lives up to all the expectations a fanbase puts on it, and the more expectations, the more the game fails(though some fans are more reluctant to admit that- CoD, for example- than others).

claud32653d ago

It's ment to be, just like any game

MuhammadJA2652d ago

Yes. And that's the problem with gamers. They keep overhyping. I'm not saying the game will be bad or anything, just that all this overhyping will led more people to have their own expectations of the game, which will lead to most people getting disappointed and how they prefer the older ones.

The cycle of overhyping will never end.

typeN82652d ago

Hell yes it is
Still gonna play?..hell yes I am
And so will you..hell yes you will

ethan2652d ago

Hell you sure say hell a lot, lol

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