Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified PlayStation Vita Commercial

PlayStation Vita lets you take on your friends in intense online Call of Duty matches that go where you do. Put the PlayStation Vita Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Bundle in your crosshairs to capture an awesome deal.


Mod Note: The source of this has been updated to point to the original source of the video on the official PlayStation YouTube page. We have no clue what the original post was trying to say when the news was the new video. Thank you! ~cgoodno

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DrDeath2655d ago

Who writes an article about this? That advertisement video has already been around and seen by many for a while. It's neat but so what doesn't deserve an article.

Nutsack2655d ago

That is gaming 'journalists' these days dude, make a title that get in clicks but don't care about the content/info given, link it on N4G, earn money from advertisements.

djslimzz2655d ago

I agree. As a journalist myself, I will only feel like sharing something on forums if I find that it is worthy.

djslimzz2655d ago

I`m not sure how to react to this

Whitefox7892655d ago

Seen the commercial on multiple occasions etc. etc.

I will say though that if this was true it would save me $200 :D

(EHO A bad joke! Prepared for incoming tomatoes)

H4all2655d ago

it's say ''Console Quality On The Go''

GreenRanger2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Sony owes me €50.

Getowned2655d ago

Lmao... I want a transforming controller too :( I shall name it optimus Vita.

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