Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Interview – Behind The Scenes With The PS Vita FPS

Fred Dutton, Blog Manager of PlayStation.Blog Europe writes:

"One of the biggest names in gaming makes its PS Vita debut today. Developed exclusively for the system, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified strives to offer the full blockbuster COD multiplayer experience on your handheld, alongside a bespoke mission-based single player campaign that serves as a companion piece to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PlayStation 3.

Considering the series has one of the fiercest and most passionate fanbases of any major franchise, it’s safe to say that developer Nihilistic Software has taken on a huge responsibility. We sat down with studio founder Robert Huebner to find out how it’s dealt with the pressure and what players can expect from the title."

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DrDeath2660d ago

Great game. Listen to the gamers

profgerbik2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Yea it's funny when things turn around like that, they didn't release it to journalist first.

It get's extremely well received views from mostly all that purchased it.

Journalist finally get and it apparently it's the worst game to hit the Vita even worse than Resistance: Burning Skies which makes no sense.

Gaming journalist these days might as well work for Washington cause their reviews are just as stupid as politics.

Raccoon2659d ago

My psn is axisis and Currently I rank #13 in total score leaderboards and #17 in total kills... It's addictive and it's fun!!!. I honestly forgot about the price or how far it is from being equal to the original black ops because I'm having loads of fun... I have payed way more than that for other in my life and those things have not provided the amounts of fun I've had playing this game. If you still can't justify the price at least rent it because you will miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy the best fps on a handheld..

talocaca2659d ago

The smart thing to do if they believe in their product is release a demo. I would never buy it based on the reviews...but a trying the game might tempt me if I like.

DrDeath2659d ago

ya a short mission demo would be enough i think. like you cant do a hostiles demo unless its timed or you only get so many deaths. but ya a demo if done right will sell this game. only reason i stop is because vita keeps dying lol. its a great game and multiplayer is addictive. 9/10

objdadon2659d ago

Don't need no demo, if u like cod and u have a vita It's well worth the money. For multiplayer that is. If u only play cod for the campaign then this is not for u! I would pay $50.00 for all my vita games if they had multiplayer that kept me playing like this game! I paid 50 for uncharted and enjoyed it but once I finished that was it so 50 for the play time and fun I'm getting out of this is a no brainer and well spent for me!

hobo512659d ago

add my psn sajid213 im pretty much addicted to the multiplayer

Cam9772659d ago

Please help me?
Should I get BO:D or NFS:MW on Vita?

DrDeath2659d ago

Agreed both are the best available right now in my opinion with AC3 and Little big planet just behind. i would go for CoD personally because of the great amd long lasting multiplayer its the same as console multiplayer basically its all there. Need for Speed is very good as well i just became most wanted but theres still a crap load of races left. it plays very well too. very good graphics on cars, not so much on environments but decent enough i dont notice doing 150mph. only issue is that oncoming traffic has blue headlights and there pixelated when driving up to. id get both. and CoD comes with the PSP CoD Roads to Victory with the retail boxed version. so thats a plus. either way dont believe the critics on either game. NFS has better reviews but its got panned by some critics too. their all ignorant and unrealistic. their a joke and their articles as of late prove this.

Cam9772659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I'm picking up AC nearer Christmas however; I agree that critics don't understand that it's a portable game. Thankyou all for responding, I'll buy AC, BO:D, NFS and LBP.

Right now I'm enjoying the GRAND THEFT AUTO stories, SOCOM:FTB3, Resident Evil: DC and MGS3 even though I've completed it 4 times now and got all trophies but "It Ain't Easy Being Green" and the Tokyo trophy. In regards to MGS2, I only like half of it and if you've played it, you know what I mean.

SIX2659d ago

The two posts above me say it perfectly. You really can't go wrong with either. I would like to mention that the online component for NFS is pretty awesome! Frame rate takes a huge hit though. With that said, COD feels like COD online. Quite amazing to be playing this on a handheld. I wish they could have put more time in to the development. The good thing is that this proves that COD can exist properly on a handheld and that in itself is pretty cool.

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