You can meet a turkey which dances to ‘Gangnam Style’ in Rakion

Can you hear it? *Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Heeyyy Sexxxy Laddddyyy Opp Opp Opp Opp*

An unknown thanksgiving dinner was recently seen alive, headless, and is dancing on Battle Mode. With a stylish coat and groovy moves, Who wouldn’t thought that this creature can pack a punch --- or a kick pun intended.

A strange curiosity, this never-before-seen creature appears suddenly with only the classy beats as a warning.

The Destroyer
Everyone thought that the Destroyer, a powerful mechanical construct that once wreck havoc is finished. Well everyone thought that is.

For a limited time, the Destroyer will be available in the Shop, pledging loyalty to anyone who can afford it’s services… and a cell point to summon it.

Armed with deadly laser attack, almost invulnerable armor, and tenacious aggression. The Destroyer will walk once again, this time under the command of its master.

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